wireless icon Campus Wireless Network

UM Wireless Campus

The wireless network on campus offers all the computing services that the wired network does. It offers the same fast and reliable data connection speeds. It has all the computing services with the same fast, reliable data connection that the wired network does. All University of Memphis students, faculty, and staff with a UUID and password can log into the um wireless network.

What Will I See? 


Who can use It?

key = how to access

wireless instructions

ResNet, Shirley C. Raines Centennial Place Room 135

Departments contact your LSP.

Training Videos for using um wireless, umguest and eduroam

Wireless Documentation

NOTE:  If you have recently changed your password, or have signed into um-guest, you will need to forget and re-add all UoM wireless networks on your all devices. After forgetting your network turn your wireless off, then turn back on. Be sure your clock and calendar are set to correct time and date.

See our list below for complete documentation on connecting to the wireless network.

Infographics for Forgetting Networks

See Our Full Documentation


macos Mac OS/IOS

um Wireless | Infographic
um-guest Wireless | Infographic
eduroam Wireless | Infographic 

windows Windows OS 10

um Wireless | Infographic
um-guest Wireless | Infographic
eduroam Wireless | Infographic

Having Trouble?

ITS is committed to making this change as seamless as possible. Feel free to contact ITS by email at umtech@memphis.edu or call the ITS Service Desk (901.678.8888) any day of the week! (Excluding Some Holidays) You can contact the Service Desk for assistance with technical login problems or issues. Incoming calls after hours will be handled by voicemail services. If you require assistance after 8:00 pm, please leave a message or submit an online service request.