Student printing is provided in the Learning Commons areas on floors 1,3, and 4. Printing in these areas follows the same guidelines as those for TAF funded labs. Printing from the Microformat Windows/scanners workstations on the second floor is available at cost (using a UofM ID card or a UofM Copy Card) at the centralized printer located near the elevators on the first floor. 

Color Printing now available in the Library
It is available in the McWherter Library Learning Commons. To utilize color printing you must add funds to your Color Print Balance. Funds must be added Online. Color printing increments are available as follows: $5 = 15 pages, $10 = 30 pages, $15 = 45 pages, $20 = 50 pages. Color prints are only available in 8.5 x 11 size.

The iMac Computers are located on the second floor in McWherter Library. In order to print a document, it has to be sent to the printer before your can receive an actual printout. The iMac computers are automatically setup to connect to the adjacent printer. 

Photocopiers for student/faculty and public use in McWherter Library: 

First floor: Room 103 (Reserve Room)
First floor: Room 106 (adjacent to the elevators)
Second floor: Southeast quadrant (adjacent to the Current Periodicals shelves
Fourth floor: Within the Special Collections Department

Microformat Windows/scanners workstations are located on the Second floor in the southeast quadrant adjacent to the Current Periodicals shelves. 

Payment Guidelines
Either a University of Memphis ID card or a purchased copy card is required; no cash printing or copying is available. Copy cards are used for copying only. Copy cards may be purchased and copy funds added to UofM ID cards at several sites:

  • McWherter Library Room 106 on the first floor adjacent to the elevators east, 901.678.2205.
  • McWherter Library second floor scanning/copying area behind elevators south.
  • Bursar's Office, 115 Wilder Tower, 901.678.2712


Card Instructions

Refund Instructions


  • The cost for printing or for photocopying is $.10 per page.
  • The cost for printouts from microforms is $.10 per page.
  • The initial cost for the copy card itself is $1.00. After that purchase, copy funds may be added to the card in full dollar amounts ($1.00, $5.00, etc.). See Card Instructions above. No change is available in McWherter Library.