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How do I use on-campus printing service?


Service Description: 

On-campus printing is fully supported by a printing system that allows desktop and laptop users to take advantage of printing. iPrint is the printing system currently used in the Tiger computer labs. Being platform independent, it works on Windows, Mac, and Linux systems while providing an ideal solution for wireless users.

Who may request (or are eligible) for this service? 

On-campus printing services are available to current students, faculty, and GA/TA.

How to Request Service?

To request service, please go to the iPrint website. Mobility Printing delivers network print services for iOS, Windows, MacOS, Android, and Chrome devices. It allows users to securely print to any printer in the network from their own devices. Users can print from their own devices.

What Information is Needed to Fulfill the Service Request?  

Printing requires an active account and a sufficient amount of Print Funds in your free quota or personal balance.