About the Conference


The design and analysis of experiments forms a fundamental part of research and development in industry, agriculture, medical trials, and business, among other fields. The role of experimental  design is ever changing and expanding. In the 21st century, its uses have multiplied considerably with the advent of a multitude of computational needs. An important goal of this conference is to highlight some of the newest areas for research in experimental design, as well as novel methodology in traditional  areas.

Objective: The specific objectives of ICODOE 2022 are:

  1. to highlight state-of-the-art knowledge about research in emerging areas of experimental design as well as innovations in the traditional areas,
  2. to share knowledge and give support to junior researchers and researchers from underrepresented groups,
  3. to bring together outstanding researchers from across the world who are actively pursuing theoretical and methodological research in the area of experimental design and its applications in various allied fields.