Welcome to the Rudi E. Scheidt School of Music

Kevin Sanders

Welcome to the Rudi E. Scheidt School of Music at the University of Memphis, where artistic and academic excellence converges internationally. Our distinguished music school offers a unique blend of contemporary and traditional programs, empowering students to reach their fullest potential.

Our music school has attracted an international student body and faculty whose extraordinary impact on the cultural life of the University of Memphis, the greater Memphis community and the Mid-South region is unmistakable. Located in the heart of Memphis, a city steeped in musical heritage, our school is vital to the local music scene. We thrive on collaborations, foster innovation, and inspire entrepreneurship. Our students enjoy regular performance opportunities with esteemed organizations such as Opera Memphis and Memphis Symphony Orchestra, develop with internships at legendary recording studios and music labels and excel with placements with industry-leading partners in music education and music therapy. 

Our commitment to music performance goes beyond the classroom and rehearsal halls. We proudly present more concerts and events than any other regional music organization, enhancing the city's musical tapestry. Moreover, our newly unveiled Scheidt Family Performing Arts Center provides our students a world-class, professional venue to showcase their talents.

With a legacy spanning over 110 years, our dedicated faculty, staff, and community partners are driven by a student-centered approach. We are committed to nurturing your artistic talents and scholarly pursuits, ensuring your success in every way.

We look forward to meeting you in person and helping you embark on a journey of musical discovery and personal growth. Your future in music begins here, at the Rudi E. Scheidt School of Music.

Dr. Kevin Sanders, Director
Rudi E. Scheidt School of Music

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