Faculty and Staff Resources

Faculty & Staff Handbook

The Faculty & Staff Handbook is a comprehensive guide for all policies and procedures of the School of Music.



Approve Change of Concentration Form
Faculty submit this form to document approvals for students who want to change or add a music concentration.

Collaborative Piano Services Request 
This form is used to request a student pianist for recitals, masterclasses, area workshops, competitions, and other types of performances. See 5.3 Collaborative Piano Services for more information. 

Doctoral Recital Form
Graduate students need to fill this out prior to their degree recital. This form is for the committee to evaluate the student's recital and record the pass/fail results. 

Jury System
System used for scheduling juries and ensemble auditions.

Part-time/Visiting Faculty & GA Review Form 
This form should be used by faculty providing an annual teaching evaluation for part-time faculty or graduate assistants.

Peer Review of Teaching
Faculty will review peers and submit at least one evaluation for each year of appointment. Please send a copy to the faculty being reviewed and the SOM Main Office. 

Recording Studio Services Request
For the Fall 2022 Semester, recording studio time is available on Fridays from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Scholarship & GA Management Website
Faculty can use this form to see current and prospective students and make scholarship and assistantship recommendations.

Supporting Students in Distress 
This is the PDF from the Dean of Student's presentation to School of Music faculty in February 2021. This PDF presentation outlines ways faculty can provide outreach and support to students in distress. Additional resources can be found on the Dean of Student's website: https://www.memphis.edu/deanofstudents/pdfs/guide-to-responding-to-students-in-distress.pdf 



Absence Request Form
Faculty and staff should use this form to submit leave requests to the Director. 

Guest Artist Proposal Request
This form should be used to submit proposals for guest artist funding only if you have funding available in your area for the current academic year.  

Hold Harmless Release Form
Faculty should have students fill out this form to acknowledge that students will not hold the University liable for any course-related activity that happened off campus. Submit original signed form to the Main Office. 

Supply Request Form
Faculty & Staff should use this form to request supplies. If your item is over $50, please submit a Special Order Form before your Supply Request Form

Travel & Development Funding Request
Faculty should use this form to request funds for recruitment or development purposes (conferences, courses, travel, etc.). 



Performance Space + Marketing Request Form
To reserve space and request marketing support for your performance, festival, large event or other School of Music event, you must submit this form a minimum of 30 days prior to the event.

Equipment and Tech Request  
Faculty can request AV Technology service, but they must submit this form a minimum of 14 days prior to the event. 

VEMS-How to Schedule an Event 
A Faculty and Staff step-by-step guide for those needing to request event space in the Music Building or Communication and Fine Arts Building.

Guidelines for Conferences, Festivals, and Large Events
A step-by-step guide to assist faculty in the planning of large events

Program Events Parental Consent Form
Parental consent form and media release for a minor's participation in campus events.



Room Scheduling 
The School of Music uses the University's Virtual EMS system for room scheduling. 

Keyboard Maintenance Request
Use this form to request a university keyboard be tuned or repaired. 


Recruitment & Enrollment

Enrollment Report: Available through the Office of Institutional Research

Prospective Student Lists: Login to MusicWindow

Recruitment Materials RequestPlease submit this form no later than one-week prior to the event.

Student Personalized Visit Request