Academic Advising

Academic Support and Student Services

The Loewenberg College of Nursing Academic Support team plays a critical role in supporting and guiding students throughout their nursing education. Our Academic Advisors’ mission is to support all nursing students throughout their program at LCON. The Academic Advisors are readily available to assist students with a variety of student services, including:

  • Academic Planning
  • Program and Curriculum Guidance
  • Degree Progress and Graduation Requirements
  • Career and Professional Development
  • Personal and Academic Support

We are dedicated to being a helpful resource for you. Working closely with the university's faculty and staff, advisors create a supportive and inclusive atmosphere that fosters accountability, academic success, and diversity. Within this positive and user-friendly environment, advisors ensure the provision of accurate and up-to-date information to students. We are here to help you succeed! If you need something and don’t know who to ask or where to go, call or stop by and ask us. You can make an advising appointment through the UofM online scheduling system, Navigate or download the Navigate Student mobile app.

The Advising Period:

  • Oct 1 – Nov 15 for Spring Semester Courses
  • Mar 1 – Apr 15 for Summer Semester Courses
  • Mar 1 – Jul 15 for Fall Semester Courses


BSN students will be issued course permits that will allow you to register for your first semester of nursing classes after receipt of all Required Nursing Data Documents in the Clinical Data Management Software (CDMS).

Mid-way through your first semester of the BSN program, and each semester afterwards, you will meet with an LCON Academic Advisor to prepare for the next semester's courses, create an academic plan in UMdegree, and discuss challenges associated with being a nursing student. After this appointment, your Advisor will clear you to register, and you will be issued permits for your next semester of nursing classes.

For more information about BSN Academic Advising, Academic Advising.

MSN Advising considers the individual needs of each student, which may include appropriate referral services, decisions concerning appropriate classes, career choices, co-curricular activities, or advice and recommendations during the advising process. Once the student is active in the system, the advisor will put their degree plan in their PLANS section of UMdegree.

An Advisor will contact the student to review a part-time or full time schedule. (Unless the student does not work, we do not recommend a full-time curriculum plan, which is 12 hours. A full-time curricular must be approved by the director of each program). We recommend a part-time curriculum (6 hours) for the best academic results. Please note, the MSN curriculum plan is pre-set and published on the Nursing website for perusal.

Once student receives advisement and are familiar with the process, the Advisor will enter the appropriate permit to release classes and clear student for registration. After which, the student can register for classes. Mid-way through your first semester of the MSN program, and each semester afterwards, the student will meet with an LCON Academic Advisor to prepare for the next semester's courses as well as discuss challenges associated with being in the program. After each appointment, the Advisor will clear the student to register, and issue permits for the next semester of nursing classes.

For more information about MSN Academic Advising, Academic Advising.

For more information about PhD Academic Advising, Academic Advising.


Alex Dejarnett   Leila Schroeder   Angelica Jacques

Alex Dejarnett
College Academic Advisor II


Leila Schroeder
Graduate Academic Services Coordinator


Angelica Jacques
Academic Success Advisor