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Congratulations and welcome to the University of Memphis Loewenberg College of Nursing (LCON). To successfully start your program, we ask that you review the below important information & resources related to your acceptance into the program. Please read carefully through the information in each of these links. Click here to review Frequently Asked Questions.

Note that the information below does not apply to PhD or MSN students, who should follow graduate-specific instructions from the Graduate School.

To confirm your seat, you must submit the following within two weeks of your dated acceptance letter. By accepting your offer of admission, you agree to the following terms and conditions of acceptance at the Loewenberg College of Nursing:

  • You agree to remain in compliance with all of LCON's policies and procedures.
  • You agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the University of Memphis Loewenberg College of Nursing Student Handbook.
  • You agree to the terms of admission as outlined in your admission letter.
  • You agree to review the information regarding Intercampus Transfer Guidelines on page 58 of the LCON Nursing Student Handbook. 

LCON Intercampus Transfer Guidelines

Students are admitted twice yearly in the Fall and Spring semesters to a home campus where they attend didactic courses; clinical courses are taught at institutions in their respective communities. Students are expected to complete the nursing program at their home campus. A request to transfer will not be reviewed if submitted prior to the completion of the first semester at the student’s assigned home campus. Because student credentialing and orientation in clinical settings is a lengthy and time-sensitive process, transferring between campuses can potentially affect course completion and/or progression timeliness and therefore is not guaranteed. Requests should only be made if documentation is provided that proves extenuating and/or unexpected circumstances that may hinder academic performance. Students wishing to transfer to another campus are to submit a formal request to the Associate Dean for Student Success and Inclusion as soon as they become aware of the need for transfer. The Associate Dean for Student Success and Inclusion, the Associate Dean of Academic Programs, the Assistant Dean of Nursing-Lambuth, and the BSN Program Director will review requests based on the availability of didactic and clinical course seats at both campuses and careful analysis of each with the goal to support the academic success of the student. Students will be notified of a decision by the Associate Dean for Student Success and Inclusion no later than two (2) weeks prior to the start of the semester.



If you have any questions, visit Scrub Hub.

The following nursing documents are required for all BSN students:

  • Criminal Background Check - completed before beginning the program and annually thereafter.
    Authorization for Release of Student Information and Acknowledgement
  • Health Examination form completed by a licensed health care provider showing proof of immunizations.
    • Immunizations include:
      • Tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis: A current Tdap vaccination within past 5 years
      • Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR): Evidence of 2 doses of MMR, 4 weeks apart or documentation of positive titers
      • Hepatitis B (Heptavax): Three dose series or titer showing immunity
      • Varicella (chickenpox): Evidence of a positive varicella titer (date and result) or verification of vaccine series (two). If the titer is negative or equivalent, documentation of two varicella vaccines given no less than 4-8 eight weeks apart is required.
      • PPD (TB skin test): An annual negative PPD test for tuberculosis, a statement from a health care provider attesting to a negative tuberculosis status or a negative chest x-ray every two years.
      • Influenza vaccine: 1 dose of influenza vaccine annually (complete and provide documentation Sept-Dec) or physician documentation of allergy to chicken, eggs or feathers.
      • COVID-19 Vaccine: Students are required to be fully vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus and must submit copies of their COVID vaccine card prior to the start of their first term. 

All students are required to be vaccinated for the listed vaccines based on the latest CDC guidelines. However, should a student have a documented medical allergy/immune condition preventing vaccination or religious belief against vaccination, a waiver for some vaccines may be granted on an individual basis.  Documentation of the need for this type of waiver should be done by contacting the LCON Academic Services Coordinator or Clinical Placement Coordinator and completing the LCON Vaccine Waiver Form. Approval is not automatically granted, and a decision will be provided after the Director for Clinical Affairs reviews each waiver request.

Students should be aware, that various clinical partners where students complete clinical experiences have requirements for vaccination that may not accommodate a waiver, and should alternate clinical activities/sites not be available, the student may not be able to meet course outcomes which would affect the ability to successfully finish coursework or the nursing degree.

  • CPR Certification - Complete "Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare Provider" certification as offered through the American Heart Association (AHA).  Online CPR certification or re-certification is not accepted.  Please note that ONLY AHA certification is accepted.
  • Urine Drug Screen - All students are required to submit the results of a 10-panel drug screen within 30 days of the start of each term. Due dates are announced each semester by the clinical placement coordinator.
  • Malpractice Insurance - All nursing students are required to have current malpractice insurance throughout the program.  BSN students are charged for insurance upon admission and every spring.  RN-BSN students with personal professional malpractice insurance may submit a current insurance certificate as proof of coverage (professional liability limits at $1MM/$5MM). Otherwise, the LCON will charge RN students for professional student malpractice insurance annually through the U of M Bursar's Office; please note that this insurance only covers practice in the academic clinical setting.
  • Health Insurance - Students are highly encouraged to have medical insurance to cover any injuries/illnesses while in the program.

You are responsible for the costs associated with compliance requirements. 

For information on the next steps regarding health clearance requirements contact Brenda Fortney, Undergraduate Clinical Placement Coordinator, at bfortney@memphis.edu or 901-678-2456.

Preadmission students to the Loewenberg College of Nursing (LCON) must complete all general education and nursing prerequisite requirements prior to matriculation to the nursing program, which generally occurs in the fall of the junior year. To maintain preadmission status, students must achieve success in their coursework as defined by the LCON admission guidelines, including course repeats, grades, and nursing prerequisite and overall cumulative GPA requirements.

Students will need to submit an official transcript to the admissions department at admissions@memphis.edu or upload to our secured documents website upon completing any courses outside of the University of Memphis.  

Class registration information 

After you have agreed to attend LCON and complete the compliance requirements, please note the following: 

  • The Academic Advisor on each respective campus will release pins and permits for the incoming first semester students. The semester schedule is pre-determined for entering students.
  • Entering students will be issued pins so they can register for University courses outside of the College of Nursing.  Please check the University website for course availability and schedules.
  • Permits for first semester nursing courses will be released in order for you to register for your classes for that semester.  
  • Permit release for class registration will tentatively take place before mid-July for the fall semester and before the January orientation date for the spring semester. 
  • Make sure that you check your schedule for accuracy or any conflict.  
  • If you need your pins released in order to take summer courses, please contact your respective academic advisor for assistance. 

If you need educational support you can request academic accommodations by contacting Educational Support Program at 901-678-2704 or email esp@memphis.edu. The University does not provide services of a personal nature such as: personal care assistance, personal counseling/therapy, personal study assistance, or individually prescribed aids, appliances, and equipment. Tutoring is also considered a personal service, and the University is not legally required to provide tutor services for students with disabilities above and beyond the tutoring available to any UofM student through DRS the Educational Support Program.

See additional information on LCON Academic Advising

Student ID:

When you have registered for your courses for the current school semester, a Campus (ID) card may be requested by logging into Your Campus Card account. Once logged in, click the link that says Submit New Photo and follow the directions.

*Please note, if you are an online student you will be required to upload your official government-issued ID such as a Driver’s License or Passport for verification purposes. The Campus Card Office is located at 115 Wilder Tower on the main campus and in 109 Varnell-Jones on the Lambuth Campus.

Your Campus Card is your key to the following services upon validation:

Academics - Use for test taking identification.
Athletics - Your Campus Card is your student ticket (enrolled in 6 or more hours) for all athletic events and to purchase student guest tickets.
Library Copier Services - Add money to your Campus Card (Tiger Funds) to make copies in all designated copiers across campus.
Library - Check out books and materials.
Residence Halls - Gain access if you live in a residence hall.
Student Center Ticket Office - Obtain access (or purchase discounted tickets) to upcoming University events such as concerts and performing arts.
Campus Recreation Center – Gain access to the Campus Recreation Center and to check out equipment.
University Health Service – Your Campus Card is required at Health Services.

If you have any questions, contact the University & Student Business Services Office or visit Campus Card.


Students should purchase the required books as specified for each course as provided by the University of Memphis bookstores. Books should be purchased prior to the start of classes. Below are links for the two campus bookstores.



Students should review the Clinical Professional Dress, Clinical Uniform Policy, and Clinical Supplies Required on pages 66-69 of the LCON Academic Bulletin. Dress code, if present in school, will be established with student input in
conjunction with the school director and faculty, so the highest professional standards are maintained, but also taking into consideration points of comfort and practicality for the student.

The entry BSN uniform includes the following:

  • LCON monogrammed scrub set from authorized vendor (must be clean, free of wrinkles, in good repair, and properly fitted.
  • Plain, white, short-or long sleeve form fitting T-shirt with no lettering or pictures may be worn underneath the scrubs.
  • White leather nursing shoes or white leather tennis shoes with minimal color trim with enclosed heels and toes are to be worn. White socks are to be worn with the uniform. 

Here is a list of approved vendors to order uniforms:

See additional information on Uniforms and Supplies

To assist with your familiarity and possible inquiries regarding academic programming, campus life, faculty, and student support; you are invited to attend LCON LAMBUTH Campus preview day on Friday, April 19, 2024, at 9 AM, in Jackson, TN. Please RSVP if you plan to attend to ensure proper accommodations are made for you in a timely manner. 

Lambuth Campus Map >

The full-day orientation activities are designed to help you learn more about LCON policies, procedures, and requirements, as well as provide information on the various resources available to you. Attendance to LCON's orientation is required

Lambuth Campus Orientation 
705 Lambuth Blvd
Jackson, TN 38301
Lambuth Campus Map >

 Memphis Campus Orientation 
University of Memphis Park Avenue Campus
4055 N. Park Loop
Memphis, TN 38152 
Memphis Campus Map >

Essential Resources to Prepare for New Student Orientation

  1. Complete self-assessment prior to New Student Orientation.
  2. Review Pre-Orientation Refresher Courses

If you have any questions, visit Scrub Hub.