Uniforms and Supplies

Students wear the University of Memphis Clinical Uniform during all clinical education except where noted. Students should review the full Clinical Uniform policy included in the BSN Student Handbook. Uniforms may be purchased at several stores in the area. Landau Uniforms, Identity Factor, Scrubtastic and Uniform Source have the LCON monogramming logo and a listing of all approved uniform styles. Supplies can be purchased at the University Bookstore, Uniform stores or through the LCON Student Nurses' Association (SNA). You may be contacted by the SNA before the start of classes regarding the benefits of purchasing supplies through SNA (student discount and SNA donation).

  1. Uniform: Galaxy blue monogrammed "scrubs" with the LCON monogrammed logo (required) and student name (optional). Please note that only Landau Uniforms, Identity Factor, and Uniform Source are approved monogramming vendors.
  2. Scrub Jacket: An approved white scrub jacket may be worn in the clinical setting only. It should be clean and pressed, with the monogram placed on the left front as with the lab coat.
  3. Under Scrub Top: Plain, white, short or long-sleeve T-shirts with no lettering or pictures may be worn underneath the scrubs.
  4. Footwear: White leather nursing shoes or white leather tennis shoes with minimal color trim, and with enclosed heels and toes are required. White socks above the ankle are to be worn with the uniform.

You are also required to have the following supplies at all times in the lab and clinical setting:

  1. Dual Head Stethoscope
  2. Sphygmomanometer
  3. Penlight
  4. Bandage Scissors
  5. Face Shield (CPR mask), disposable
  6. Clear plastic student ID badge holder
  7. Watch with a second hand
  8. Nonprogrammable pocket calculator
  9. Black permanent ink pen