Synthesis Laboratory

Fritsch Planatery Ball Mill

Fritsch Planetary Ball MillMechanical alloying is a nonequilibrium processing method, originally developed to produce oxide dispersion strengthened alloys. it can be utilized to process large quantities of materials at relatively low cost. Mechanical alloying has been widely used to produce extremely fine microscturctures, amorphouse alloys, and rare earth permanent magnet materials.

High Energy Ball Milling

High Energy Ball Milling        

Centorr Arc Melter

ArcmelterCentoor Arc melter is used for the synthesis of various magnetic binary and ternary alloys.

Hydrothermal Synthesis

Parr hydrothermal bomb units with temperature controller is currently used for the synthesis of oxide nanoparticles and oxide coated core-shell nanoparticles.

Vacuum Chambers

Vacuum ChamberUltra-high vacuum chambers are equipped with e-beam evaporators and thermal evaporators for thin film deposition.


N2 FurnaceSeveral high temperature furnaces (max temp 1200 oC) and tube furnaces (max temp. 1000 oC) are regularly used for calcination. A tube furnace is also equipped to perform hydrogen reduction and nitridation.

Chemical Hood and Storage

The synthesis laboratory has a chemical hood to carry out wet chemistry in a safe and controlled environment. The laboratory also has adequate chemical storage facility in accordance with the EPA regulations.