Service Excellence


Effective law enforcement depends upon the cooperative partnership between the department and University community, built upon mutual confidence, trust, and respect. If you've had an occasion recently to interact with our officers, and you were pleased with the level of service our police officers provided, please let us know. You can do so by sending an e-mail message to police@memphis.edu or by calling us at 678-4357 (HELP). Please include as much information as possible about the event (e.g., date, time, and location) so we can forward your comments to the officers and their supervisors.

The department acknowledges that, on occasion, misunderstandings may arise between its employees and members of the community it serves. If you believe you have been involved in such a situation with a Police Services employee, the department has an established process by which it attempts to resolve such matters. If you would like to formally express your displeasure with the service you received from a police employee, please follow this link.