Success Stories!

Savanna McArthurSavanna McArthur
BS in Business Management with HR Concentration, 2021
During my time at the UofM, The Professional Development Center has been a huge asset in helping me develop my career goals. From the Complete Professional Program to the multitude of additional workshops offered, to the support provided by the staff, the PDC has boosted my confidence, both as a student and as a professional. I can truly say I feel more polished and prepared to continue down my career path, and I’m very excited to be starting a new position with Baptist Memorial Hospital as a Human Resource Specialist!

Bria BondBria Bond
BBA in Management, 2021
“The Professional Development Center has impacted my life so much during my journey at the University of Memphis. I believe my connection with the PDC and my participation in The Complete Professional Program have helped me reach my full potential.”

Sam MitchellSam Mitchell
BBA in Business Information & Technology, 2022
“The PDC team not only helped prepare me for my future career in IT, but they also taught me how to succeed in other areas of my life. Through their programs, I was able to build confidence in the soft skills needed for success in today’s job market.”

Edith Grayson Edith Grayson
BBA in Supply Chain Management, 2022
“The PDC has been such a wonderful resource for me. Last fall, I earned my CPP Certificate and completed Supply Chain Academy. Since then, I’ve attended several other professional development workshops. All these experiences strengthened my resume and helped me feel more comfortable networking and interviewing with professionals. As result, I landed internships with CH Robinson and International Paper during my sophomore year! Thanks, PDC, for getting me started on my career path!

Mary MerschatMary Merschat
BBA in Management, 2019 / Professional MBA Candidate, 2021
"When I came to this campus as a transfer student, I wasn't sure how to make the UofM my home. Signing up for the Complete Professional Program helped me connect with the PDC staff, and I soon discovered the abundance of opportunities they offer. They encouraged and motivated me to use their resources, which resulted in me attaining a full-time internship to study abroad in Dublin, Ireland. I'm certain I would not have had to have this unforgettable experience without their help and I am forever grateful for their constant support and mentorship. I strongly urge students to take advantage of the Fogelman Internship Network, the CPP, and all the other helpful workshops offered by the PDC. They can open doors for you that you never thought were possible!"

Jerome LindseyJerome Lindsey
BBA in Accountancy & Finance, 2020
"I've taken advantage of many opportunities offered through the PDC, which provided me with valuable skills and a newfound confidence in myself. The tips and feedback I received in my mock interviews made me feel much more at ease in networking situations and helped prepare me to make a great impression when meeting potential employers. I am certain they contributed to helping me obtain internships with three different companies. And now, I’m looking forward to my graduation in August, when I’ll be starting a full-time position at Telarray, LLC as a Securities Trader!”