Undergraduate Program

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology is designed to achieve several broad objectives: to increase students' understanding of their cultural and natural worlds through greater familiarity with the humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences; to enhance their skills in communication, quantitative analysis, and critical reasoning; and to prepare them to fulfill their roles as responsible members of their families, community, and society.

More specifically, the psychology degree program introduces students to the theoretical and empirical literatures of psychology; teaches them the skills necessary to advance the science of psychology; and encourages them to apply the principles of psychology to the improvement of human welfare.

The undergraduate degree program is designed to assist students in reaching five major goals:

Goal 1. Knowledge Base of Psychology

Describe key concepts, overarching themes, content domains, and various applications of psychology.

Goal 2. Scientific Inquiry and Critical Thinking

Understand and apply basic research methods in psychology while using scientific reasoning, problem solving, and psychology information literacy.

Goal 3. Ethical and Social Responsibility in a Diverse World

Understand and embrace values that lead to ethically and and socially responsible behaviors that are sensitive to increasing diversity in the workplace and the community.

Goal 4. Communication

Demonstrate competence in written, oral, and interpersonal communication skills.

Goal 5. Professional Development

Apply psychological content knowledge and skills that will increase readiness for postbaccalaureate employment, graduate school, or professional school.

In this area of the Psychology Department website you will find answers to some frequently asked questions about getting a degree in psychology, information about Subject Pool requirements for Psyc 1030, and information on course requirements and advisement for psychology majors. You will also find out how to become a part of the Psychology Department Honors Program. Finally, you will find information about several opportunities available to you in the Psychology Department and how to prepare for graduate school if you make the decision to go.