Research+Innovation Tactical Plan: Service

We strive to provide our research community with the tools and support critical to succeed in securing and obtaining external research funding.

  1. Streamline and optimize our administrative procedures.
  2. Implement a customer satisfaction survey for every proposal submission to continue assessing services provided.
  3. Provide state of the art instrumentation and services to give our scientists a competitive edge while engaging in research and grant development.
  4. Identify, prioritize and pursue support for research infrastructure, laboratory renovation and research-related shared services centers.
  5. Grow the technology workforce pipeline by providing training, professional development and opportunities related to career development.
  6. Serve as the hub of technology innovation in Memphis to enhance the reputation of the UofM for applied innovation.
  7. Participate in campus initiatives and collaborate with other departments on efforts meant to benefit the UfoM.
  8. Ensure that customers and guests receive the best possible experience during their time at the UofM.