SETWC Transportation Fellowship Program

The SETWC Transportation Fellowship program is a year-long academic and professional development
experience designed to increase undergraduate student awareness of, interest in, and preparation for the
professional transportation workforce. The program addresses the breadth of opportunity in transportation
and variety of disciplines, industry technical content, soft-skills development, and mentoring of
undergraduate students at the University of Memphis.

What is the SETWC Transportation Fellowship program model?

• 20 undergraduates per year (sophomore/junior students, all majors)
• Academic year program (August-May)
• Monthly workshops and field trips
• Workshops include both industry-specific content and professionalism training
• Small-group mentoring with designated professionals
• Summer opportunities upon completion of fellowship, including mentoring high school
transportation programs and internships with sponsor companies

What is the value to sponsoring companies?

• Opportunity to shape programmatic elements by serving on advisory committee to ensure training
reflects industry needs;
• Direct access to students who are interested in the transportation industry through leadership of
specific training sessions, mentorship roles, and internships;
• Opportunity to showcase company's operations through field trip experience for fellows; and
• Ability to move the needle in addressing transportation workforce challenges through partnership
with SETWC in this initiative.

What does a company's time commitment look like?

Mentors will be asked to spend a total of 10 hours per year, which includes:
• 4, 1.5 hour face-to-face interactions (6 hours)
• Attendance of opening 'meet your mentor' session as part of first seminar
• Attendance of one fall semester check-in meeting with mentees
• Inviting mentees and attending a professional organization meeting (mentor's choice) with
mentees in spring semester
• Attendance of fellowship 'graduation' program
• Monthly check-in via email (for months not meeting face-to-face) with fellows (est. 3 hours).
• Facilitate a 1-hour session during the fellowship program focusing on either an industry-specific or
soft-skills seminar (or facilitated panel)
• Mentors will also be asked to respond to a brief introductory and exit survey regarding their
expectations and experience in the program
Interested in becoming a sponsor?

Contact Meredith Powers for more information (Meredith.Powers@memphis.edu).