About the Relaxation Zone

If you are looking for somewhere to unplug and practice self-care, the Relaxation Zone is the place for you. Let your brain relax. Bring some calm to your life.


Benefits associated with utilizing Relaxation Zone services are researched and evidence based stress reduction. Results in data collection about the relaxation zone showed that, in our sample, college students across all class designations, especially freshmen, experienced significant reductions in perceived stress after just one visit to the RZ. To learn more about the benefits of using the relaxation zone, browse our published work in the Journal of American College Health here>

Getting Services

Any student enrolled for the current semester is eligbible to use the Relaxation Zone! All services are available for free and to utilize the Relaxation ZOne students are welcome to come in during our operating hours to complete a short pre test and utilize the Relaxation Stations of their choosing. 

Learn More

Visit our Relaxation Zone page to learn more details about accessing and utilizing the services available to you! For additional support, view our resources page at the upper navigation button for a wide of assortment of self care and stress management materials!

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