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About Weeks of Welcome 

Weeks of Welcome Legacy MarkThank you to everyone who participated in Weeks of Welcome 2019 and Winter Welcome 2020! We hope you had a blast! Check back during Summer 2020 for information on our upcoming Weeks of Welcome schedule to welcome new Tigers for the Fall semester!

Make sure to download your event pass to make check-in at UofM events a breeze!

The University of Memphis is closely monitoring the progression of COVID-19. The number one priority is keeping our students safe and healthy. All events are subject to change per CDC guidelines and local, state, and national regulations. Should you have any questions, please contact studentinvolvement@memphis.edu

WEEKS OF WELCOME x Extended Orientation 

Welcome new students to the University of Memphis! We are so excited to welcome you to the university and show you everything there is to love at the University of Memphis! This year due to COVID-19 Weeks of Welcome will look different. Since we were unable to host our traditional extended orientation programs over the summer - Frosh Camp, Frosh Fusion, and FLITE Camp - we are taking elements of each camp and integrating them into the University of Memphis Weeks of Welcome. All new students are invited to sign up to participate in one of the programs. For a description of each program and to register, please use the "Register Now!" link below

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August 12

Playfair Online >

7:00 PM | Playfair Online
In Playfair Online the new students discover the many things they have in common as they work together in ever-changing team building events. They are creatively challenged to create rhyming poems on the fly, perform physical challenges in unison with their virtual teammates, and share their favorite pop-culture moments in a truly unique format that produces lots of shared laughter. In a very fun and safe online environment they get to share their own thoughts and feelings and get to know their fellow students as well.

City Solve U >

ALL DAY | City Solve U
CitySolve U is a unique adventure race that is perfect to showcase points of interest on and off campus. It’s like The Amazing Race and Trivial Pursuit combined! Teams will solve clues and face fun challenges. You can find the list of clues here. Complete all your clues and submit your answers via TigerZone on 8/12 for a prize!

 August 13 

Out of State Mixer >

10:00 AM | Out of State/Non-Shelby County Mixer
Are you from out of state? Are you looking to connect with others at the University of Memphis. Join the Weeks of Welcome programming team and Student Leadership & Involvement for the out of state mixer! Here you will meet your peers, interact with current students, and learn about campus resources. Prizes will be given out for participants.

Tiger Spirit Fest >

4:00 PM | Tiger Spirit Fest
Join the Religious Life organizations and staff for the annual Tiger Spirit Fest. At Tiger Spirit Fest you will have the chance to visit with different religious and spiritual organizations and learn a little bit about them.

Tiger Family Trivia >

7:00 PM | Tiger Family Trivia
Join the Weeks of Welcome programming team for Tiger Family Trivia! For this you will need BOTH a computer/tablet and your cell phone. You will log into the zoom using the online link on this page. There, we will live stream trivia using Kahoot where students can answer questions for points. Be sure to brush up on your tiger trivia - the quicker you answer the more points you get! The top three winners will be able to receive a tiger spirit pack from Student Leadership & Involvement (@SLIMemphis).

 August 14

Virtual E-Sports Open >

8:30 PM | Virtual E-Sports Open
Esports Open is a unique form of video game event that combines fun competition, with energetic presentation hosted by a professional video game announcer. Esports Open is a new kind of video game tournament that maximizes player participation. 
Play and Stay

While most esport tournaments take a ​win or go home approach and take a long time, an Esports Open tournament creates a ​Stay and Play​ environment that maximizes participation and allows everyone to play and watch. Players are never eliminated. They may compete as often as they like. There are limits to how many pins, medals, and trophies they can win but they may participate as often as they wish.

 August 15

Free Money Gameshow >

8:00 PM | Free Money Gameshow
Join the Weeks of Welcome committee for the Free Money Gameshow! If you score the most points you get FREE MONEY! It’s as simple as that! It’s like a modern version of “Name that Tune” but with all of the best of pop culture! Students buzz in when they know the song, movie theme, TV theme or Movie Quote that was played! Disney, Broadway, Rap, Rock, Netflix, Hip Hop, Nickelodeon and Movie Franchises are just some of the categories involved in the game!

 August 17

Involvement Fair >

1:00 PM | Student Involvement Fair
Join over 150 student organizations for the annual first day of school Involvement Fair. This year the Involvement Fair will take place virtually, right on TigerZone! Interested students will be able to explore registered organizations, interact with them in real time using a digital meeting link, and request to join organizations when applicable.

Virtual Escape Rooms >

5:30 PM | Virtal Escape Rooms
You’ll live chat with your follow group, scour our virtual world, and examine the internet for clues while racing against the clock. This is a high-stakes, all or nothing maximum speed adventure to save your partner and make the bad guys pay.

Virtual Escape Rooms >
7:00 PM | Virtual Escape Rooms 

You’ll live chat with your follow group, scour our virtual world, and examine the internet for clues while racing against the clock. This is a high-stakes, all or nothing maximum speed adventure to save your partner and make the bad guys pay.

 August 19

Tiger BINGO >

7:00 PM | BINGO with Career Services
Join the Weeks of Welcome committee as well as Career Services for a night of BINGO and prizes!

 August 20 

Party @ Home! >

8:00 PM | Party @ Home! Instagram Live
Join the Weeks of Welcome committee for a socially distant party - from your living room!


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