Join a Registered Student Organization

 List of Registered Student Organizations

Joining an RSO is easy!  Here are different ways to find the right one for you.

  • Attend the Student Involvement Fair on the first day of classes in the Fall or Join in January in the Spring Semester
    • Learn about the different organizations we have on campus and meet students in those respective organizations,
    • Sign up on their emailing list,
    • Go to their meeting!
  • Look out for flyers and posters around campus. Flyers can contain information about meeting times or upcoming events.
  • Look out for Campus E- News on your email. E-News shows upcoming events so check your email.
  • Attend Events - RSOs hold lots of events throughout the year. Attend an event and get to see first-hand what their organization does. You also get to meet members and officers of the RSO there.
  • Visit the Involvement Zone - The Involvement Zone at the 2nd floor of the UC hosts several offices:
    • Student Leadership and Involvement,
    • Multicultural Affairs,
    • Adult & Commuter Services,
    • Student Government Association,
    • And different RSO offices.
  • Each office can provide you more information about certain organizations and as well as different activities you can do to get involved.
  • Lastly, check out Tiger Zone - Tiger Zone is our one- stop shop for different organizations. Not all RSOs have offices, so check out Tiger Zone to get information about an organization you are interested in.