ALEKS (proctored)

Qualifying Information for ALEKS Assessment for Math Placement

The University of Memphis places students in math courses based on their ACT/SAT Math subscores. For information regarding this placement policy, please see the UofM undergraduate catalog.

For students who do not have a valid or sufficient ACT/SAT math subscore, the ALEKS Assessment is used.  According to our information, we require an ALEKS Assessment score on file for you in order for you to register for a Math course (and subsequent courses that have a Math prerequisite).  

Who must take ALEKS?

  • All incoming first-year and transfer students who do not have an ACT/SAT MATH subscore or whose ACT MATH subscore is below an 18.
  • All incoming transfer students with no prior college-level coursework in Math and either no ACT/SAT MATH subscore or an expired score (older than five years old).
  • All continuing students whose ACT/SAT MATH subscore has expired (is older than five years old) and who have not previously taken college-level coursework in math.

Before registering for your ALEKS proctored assessment, please confirm the following criteria is true regarding my enrollment: 

  1. My intended major requires Math 1710, College Algebra, as a major course requirement and/or a prerequisite for another course in my major.  View list of majors.
  2. My ACT/SAT Math Subscore < 17/470 or I do not have an ACT/SAT score.

Note: we recommend students consider taking an unproctored ALEKS assessment online via their myMemphis portal.

  1. Enter your UofM user name and your password.
  2. The username corresponds to the letters appearing before "@memphis.edu" in your University of Memphis email address.
  3. After logging into the myMemphis portal, click on the "Student Pages" tab and then "My Resources" to locate the ALEKS channel.

On Exam Day:

  • Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment time; arriving more than 15 minutes after your scheduled reporting time will require you to reschedule.
  • Your UofM username and password and/or ALEKS username and password is required for testing - please have it with you on exam day or you will be required to reschedule - please note that you will not have the opportunity to to retrieve your username and password on exam day.
  • A valid government issued photo ID with signature is required for testing.


Click below to schedule a ALEKS Assessment Exam (main campus testing only)

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