Sound Booth


Sound designers support our productions with soundscapes of both sound effect and music scoring as well as wireless microphone reinforcement for musical theatre performances.

Our sound system installations provide designers with equipment and software of a professional standard. Recording and editing are accomplished using a Digidesign Pro Tools HD|2 hard disk recording system supported with a variety of plug-in processors. Sampling software includes Digidesign Structure and MOTU Mach 5. Sequencing software includes Digital Performer and Logic.

There is a comprehensive MIDI implementation for sound creation and control including support of the Show Control protocol. MIDI equipment includes a Yamaha Motif 8 keyboard, MIDI sound and voicing modules, effects processors, and MIDI mixing controllers.

Such computer-based audio is also supported with a variety of outboard processing modules as well as legacy analog equipment (tape and disc). For sound mixing and distribution during performance, we employ two computer-based systems. One is a Meyer (LCS) Matrix3 computer, which provides for automated mixing and 16-track asynchronous hard disk sound playback. The other is a Stage Research SFX system which also provides for mixing and asynchronous hard disk sound playback.

The distribution systems drive Meyer and JBL speakers. We also have conventional analog and digital mixing desks for production and training. For source material, there is a hard disk/CD sound effect library of over 22,000 effects.