About the BFA

The Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) Degree in Design & Technical Production at the University of Memphis is a program specifically designed for students whose interests and abilities strongly suggest potential for pursuing careers as artists for the professional theatre and entertainment industries. The curriculum is structured to introduce students to all aspects of theatre while growing towards a specialization. Students learn from dedicated faculty, often as apprentices, and have ample opportunities to produce realized work. The variety and nature of the resources available to student artists are of professional caliber, allowing the motivated student to develop the skills necessary for a career in theatre.

The Curriculum

The Department of Theatre & Dance launched a new, comprehensive design curriculum, in the Fall of 2017, with the goal of matching skills to industry expectations and the growing role that technology will play in the 21st century. The design pedagogy at The University of Memphis fosters the development of our students on an individual basis, allowing each student develop a designer's eye and the craft skills necessary to creating professional level productions. Smaller class sizes provide students individual attention to help develop an effective design process, engage advanced technology and determine the most appropriate design tools for a given project. Production opportunities in our performance spaces extend the classroom experience; linking process with practice.

Professional Connections

All design and technology students are required to complete a professional internship prior to graduation. Our students have connected with professional theatre companies across the country. Through these connections, students begin to develop a professional network. In addition, there are opportunities to work within the Memphis theatre community. All students are expected to develop a portfolio suitable for consideration for professional employment or application to a Masters of Fine Arts program. Students are provided feedback on their progress through an annual portfolio review and advising.

Transfer Students

Transfer students are admitted to the program throughout the year, through scheduled interviews each semester. However, they must complete all of the program requirements.
Summary of Curriculum Requirements
General Education Requirements – 41 credit hours
Theatre & Dance Core – 11 credits hours
D&T Concentration Core – 36 credit hours
Design Courses – 16 credit hours
Technology Courses – 10 credit hours
Theatre & Free Electives – 6 credit hours
Total: 120 credit hours