Financial Assistance/Sponsorships

  • Students who receive financial assistance/sponsorships will have their financial assistance/sponsorships applied to their fees automatically by the University & Student Business Services Office.
  • Students may access TigerXpress via myMemphis to verify their financial assistance/sponsorship is sufficient to satisfy enrollment fees in full.
  • Students whose expected financial aid/scholarship award(s) or third party sponsorships are not reflected on the Account$ tab on myMemphis or TigerXpress Portal should contact the Student Financial Aid Office, 103 Wilder Tower, (901.678.4825) or their sponsoring organization to resolve any problems prior to the fee payment deadline.
  • Third Party Sponsorship forms may be faxed to 901.678.0288. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that all forms are received in the University & Student Business Services Office by the appropriate fee payment deadline. Registration is subject to deletion and/or a $100 late payment fee, if fee payment requirements for enrollment fees are not satisfied by the appropriate fee payment deadline listed in the Student Business Services Calendar.
  • Students whose financial assistance/sponsorship is not sufficient to satisfy enrollment fees in full must pay the balance of fees or the minimum down payment amount (see Installment Payment Plan Guidelines for details) by the appropriate fee payment deadline to avoid deletion of classes and/or a $100 late payment fee. A non-refundable enrollment fee of $50 is assessed each semester the student participates in the Installment Payment Plan.
  • Students who decide not to attend the University must cancel their registration by dropping all classes on myMemphis Student Self Service by the appropriate 100% refund deadline to avoid owing significant enrollment fees.
  • Students who become ineligible for Third Party Sponsorship due to change in employment status, failure to meet the employer's condition for reimbursement, the employer's failure to make timely payment, or any other reason, will be personally responsible for prompt payment of any fees owed to the University of Memphis.