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Survey Two: The Boundaries of Normal


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Samuel Hester Crone Gallery

Wars of Words: The Art of Propaganda

Wars in Words: The Art of Propaganda curated by Lenora Bendall

Education teaches one how to think, while propaganda teaches one what to think. Information offers opportunities, while propaganda tells how we should use these opportunities. Propaganda narrows people's views, while education broadens them.

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Who Runs the World

"Who Runs the World" AMUM celebrates Women's History Month

Women's History Month 2017 is asking, as Beyoncé does in her well-known song, 'who run the world'? Artists, while not usually seeking to run the world, have something original to say about it.

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masks case 1

(left) DANCE MASK, Ecuador 20th Century Papier-mâché and pigment Gift attributed to Burton Hunter 2003.001.009 (right) JAGUAR MASK, Puebla, Mexico Enameled wood Art Museum purchase made possible by a Southern Arts Federation Grant 1984.004.025


The noble jaguar has been impersonated often in the pre-Columbian period and in modern times. This enameled mask is worn by a youth in a special dance in which the fearsome jaguar plagues the farm who must slay the jaguar in order to protect his field. He hunts the jaguar with the aid of a dog named Maravilla (Miracle).

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