The Zone

The Zone

Room Details

  • Seats 187
  • Fixed tiered seating with fixed tables/counters
  • Private Green Room for speakers
  • PC & DVD 
  • Wireless Keyboard
  • Video Conferencing
  • Speaker control of entire room, including lights, sound, computer, and video feed, from specially designed touch panel podium
  • Powered podium can be raised or lowered electronically
  • Large projection screen can display DVD and full presentations.
  • Web cam directly in front of speaker, making it possible to cast the events around the globe.
  • Four podium positions on the speaker level to accommodate debates and other events
  • Largest implementation in the world of the BOSE Tower Speaker System
  • Two plasma screens in front of speaker; used for PowerPoint notes, supplemental information, or display of presentation shown to audience
  • Touch panel screens in several locations
  • Each seat is equipped with a Digital Congress Unit by Philips
  • Second largest implementation of digital congress units outside the United Nations Building
  • Units allow audience members to speak and be seen by the entire group in the Zone.
  • When requested, microphones will go live and cameras in the room will zoom in an individual, projecting their images onto the large screen at the front of the room

Space Capacity Chart

2nd Floor

Room Square Feet Theater Classroom Conference Banquet Reception
The Zone 5326 187 187 n/a n/a n/a
Fishbowl (Room 203) 1149 70 40 24 70 75
Fishbowl (Room 205) 865 60 30 24 50 50
Fishbowl (Room 203/205) 2014 130 60 48 120 150
Room 226 1126 60 50 26 40 65
Room 227 1159 60 50 26 40 65
Collaboration Space Contact Conference & Event Services for more information.

Floor Layout

FedEx Institute of Technology Second Floor Layout