On Legal Grounds Information

On Legal Grounds is the the primary way that student organizations and law school faculty and staff communicate with students, so you must check the blog and your Memphis email every day. Please also check the monitors around the building for information about law school events and deadlines, as well.

Planning & Advertising Your Events & Announcements

Each student organization has a designated member to reserve rooms and advertise internally. If you are a new organization and would like to have an account, please contact Dean Aden.

Room Reservations

Use the law school room reservation calendar to browse events or search for room space and to submit a request for a room. Do your best to avoid scheduling conflicts with other events and mandatory meetings Please note that your room is not officially reserved until you receive a confirmation from the Dean's assistant, Ann Onidas.  Please contact Ann Onidas if you have questions or need assistance with reserving a room or viewing the calendar.  

Advertising your Event on On Legal Grounds

Prior to submitting a post or event, confirm with Ms. Onidas that your date, time, and room are reserved. Create a Calendar Event (not included in the daily email digest & not included on the main summary page) if you would like your activity/event to appear on the calendar. Be sure to mark the corresponding student organization event category. Instructions for creating a Calendar Event are available here.  Create the Post(s) (included in the daily email digest & on the main summary page)

Student organizations are allowed up to two separate postings for each activity/event (in addition to the Calendar Event) Student organization posts are listed in the order received (not chronologically). Therefore, consider carefully your preferred timing for when you would like a post(s) to run:

  • A "Save the Date Post" - two or more weeks in advance of the activity/event
  • A "Reminder Post" - a day or two in advance of the event
  • These posts should have different content to distinguish them for the reader

I recommend creating both at the same time. You can schedule when you would like posts to appear. View Instructions for Creating a Post

There are On Legal Grounds Posting Guidelines that you must follow.  Please make sure you familiarize yourself with them. Failure to follow the guidelines will result in posting privileges being revoked.

Advertising Your Event on the Monitors

Events submitted to On Legal Grounds will not automatically be advertised on the monitors. If you would like to advertise your event or announcement, you will need to create a PowerPoint slide and submit it to Abby Gardner to be included. Use the template to create your advertisement. (Ads must be in this template to be included).

Please indicate the time you would like the slide to start and stop running. These will be updated less frequently than the blog – likely 1-2 times per week.