Part-Time Program

The University of Memphis Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law offers a part-time program which enables students to enroll in fewer hours than full-time students. This is not an evening program - part-time students attend classes during the day with full-time students. Students are not able to choose the day and time of courses.

By attending classes during the fall, spring, and summer semesters, part-time students will normally graduate in four and one-half years. Graduation requirements in the part-time program are the same as the full-time program. A part-time student is required to enroll in 8 to 11 hours each semester, for a total of 90 law hours. Part-time students may not request a transfer to the full-time program until they have completed the first-year curriculum.

The applicant may check the "part-time" box on the application or, after an offer of admission is received, the applicant can submit (by mail or e-mail) a written request to attend part-time. Only 10% of the entering class of 150 may enroll part-time. All applicants interested in attending part-time should submit an additional statement discussing why they are unable to enroll full-time. Decisions on part-time admission typically are finalized in mid-July.

As an example of class scheduling for part-time students, below are the fall 2015 classes for first-, second- and third-year part-time students:

First-Year Classes


  • Civil Procedure I (3)
  • Legal Methods I (3)
  • Torts I (3)


  • Civil Procedure II (2)
  • Legal Methods II (2)
  • Torts II (2)
  • Criminal Law (3) 

Second-Year Classes


  • Constitutional Law (4)
  • Contracts Law I (4)
  • Property I (3)


  • Criminal Procedure (3)
  • Contracts II (2)
  • Property II (3)

Third-Year Classes


  • Business Organizations (3)
  • Decedent's Estates (3)
  • Income Tax (4)


  • Secured Transactions (3)
  • Evidence (4)

An eight-week summer session is offered each year for students who have completed one year of study. Two required courses are usually offered together with electives. Students may enroll for no more than nine hours in a summer session.