TEP Admissions

Students must be admitted to the University of Memphis before applying to TEP. All students pursuing a teacher license must be provisionally admitted to the TEP Program by the end of their sophomore year. Graduate students should be provisionally admitted by the end of their first semester. Failure to complete the requirements for TEP Provisional Admission will result in not being able to take TEP restricted classes until the provisional  requirements are met. This could result in delaying your graduation or not meeting your certification requirements.  In addition to the below requirements for undergraduate and graduate students, all students must complete a background check.  Information for background checks can be found here

Undergraduate Students


Graduate Students

 Provisional Admission:Undergraduates are required to complete at least 45 hours before applying provisional admission. Among those hours the following courses must be passed: ENGL 1010, ENGL 1020, MATH 1420 or equivalent, and EDPR 2111.They must have a 2.75 Cumulative GPA before applying.Undergraduate Candidates must pass all portions of the PRAXIS Core Academic Skills Test for Educators (CORE) unless they have an Enhanced ACT score of 21 or above or a combined score of 1020 or above on the SAT. Please note passing the CORE writing exam is a non-negotiable and can not be appealed. Must have a clear background check. Applications must be submitted to the Teacher Education Office by the first Tuesday in September or first Tuesday in March.

Full Admission: Candidates apply for full admission the semester prior to their Residency Year.  Each candidate must:

1. have a 3.0 overall grade point average;

2. passing scores on the appropriate Praxis II Content Knowledge Exam. Please note in PETE it is Content and Design and for Art the exam includes Content and Analysis.

3. Approval of Program Faculty




Graduate students must have a 3.00 cumulative Undergraduate GPA to be admitted to the MAT. The GPA can be appealed if the undergraduate GPA is between 2.5 and 2.99 and all testing requirements have been met.  If your undergraduate GPA is below a 2.5 you do not qualify for the Appeal process.  Graduate Students are required to begin the Provisional TEP application process before they are allowed to enroll in any courses. 

Provisional Admission:To be provisionally admitted a candidate must:  submit an application, pass the CORE Academic Skills Test for Educators (Writing) exam only or GRE (Verbal 143, Quant 138, Writing 3.5) and the applicable Praxis II Content Knowledge Exam (PETE's exam is Content & Design), (Art is Content & Analysis) and (Music is Content and Instructions) that is associated with their licensure area,and have a clear background check.  Please note passing the CORE or GRE writing exam is non-negotiable and can not be appealed.

Applications must be submitted to the Teacher Education Office, 202 Ball Hall Education Building.  

Full Admission: Graduate candidates must apply for full TEP admission prior to clinical teaching or enrollment in ICL 7993-Professional Seminar AND pass all required Praxis II licensure exams which include the Principles of Learning and Teaching. The requirements for full admission include:

1. 3.25 graduate gpa.

2. passing scores on all required licensure exams.




Once you have passed the CORE Academic Skills for Teachers (CORE) exam and the Praxis II Content Knowledge exam, please SUBMIT the TEP application by the 1st Tuesday in September for the fall semester or by the 1st Tuesday in March for the spring semester.

Hand in your packet at Ball Hall 202 (no faxes accepted)
or mail it to:

LaRuth Lofties (llofties@memphis.edu)
Office of Teacher Education
Ball Hall 202
Memphis, TN 38152

PRAXIS Core Academic Skills for Educators (CORE) Admission Tests

The following links and documents will help you negotiate registering for the PRAXIS Core Academic Skills for Educators (CORE).