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Teacher Education Program (TEP) 

To become a teacher in Tennessee you must be licensed by the Tennessee Department of Education. The state approves programs and sets requirements for which Tennessee institutions can offer teacher preparation programs. The University of Memphis offers many undergraduate and graduate degree programs that prepare students for their initial teacher license in an array of Pre K-12 school subjects.

If you have any interest in becoming a teacher we encourage you to click on the Advising button above to learn more about the programs we offer. You can also call the front desk of the Office of Teacher Education and Student Support Services at 678-2377 to schedule an appointment to meet with someone who can assist you in obtaining your educational goals.

The State of Tennessee has reciprocity agreements with many other states which means if you move you may have little to do to transfer your license. If you go to www.certificationmap.com you can find the licensure requirements of every state and additional information about salary, reciprocity and other facts associated with being a teacher in the state you choose to investigate.

Admission to the Teacher Education Program (TEP)

All students seeking initial teacher licensure through the University of Memphis and the College of Education must complete a two step admission process to be accepted fully into the Teacher Education Program (TEP). Students applying to TEP must pass standardized tests and meet other admission requirements (e.g. 3.0 grade point average for full admission at the undergraduate level) to prove they have the potential to be high quality teachers that can pass our degree requirements as well as pass the state's teacher license requirements. The College of Education has very high expectations for both professionalism and performance. 

Why Be A University of Memphis READY2TEACH Teacher Candidate?


Being a teacher is the most important job society has to offer: the education of its young. A teacher experiences life in a way that no other professional can. If you decide to become a teacher, you will touch the lives of hundreds of people, many of whom you will cherish and always remember.

The University of Memphis  Ready2Teach Teacher Preparation Program,a nationally accredited program, is looking at the future of PreK-12 education. We have raised admission/exit standards, redesigned our curriculum to be practitioner oriented, built partnerships so our candidates complete their yearlong Residency in the classrooms of the best teachers and our candidates must demonstrate they can teach by submitting a successful edTPA, a nationally scored teacher performance assessment that is modeled after the National Board of Professional Standards. 

Why be a University of Memphis Teacher Candidate?  Because your program will make you Ready to Teach Day 1.