Study Abroad Fair Volunteers

Scholarship Volunteer Information

Recipients of the University of Memphis Study Abroad Scholarship are required to volunteer a certain number of hours to assist the Study Abroad Office with events, office work, promotion and other activities.

Study Abroad Office Volunteer Opportunities

    • Scholarship recipeints must sign-up for available volunteer opportunities on the wiki sign-up page.
    • There will numerous opportunities to volunteer throughout the semester. The sign-up page is updated as events are scheduled and planned throughout each semester. 
    • The Study Abroad Office will send email reminders when the sign-up page has been updated. 
    • The volunteer hours can only be met by assisting with study abroad related activities. Other volunteer work does not count toward the requirement.
    • Instructions on how to use the wiki sign-up page are at the top of that page.  

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Volunteer Hour Requirement

Term Awarded Required Hours
Semester 10
Academic Year 20
Winter Break 10
Spring Break 10
Summer 10