About AMUM

The Art Museum of the University of Memphis serves the University and its region as a resource and laboratory for the study, interpretation, and presentation of the visual arts and the dissemination of artistic scholarly research.

The Art Museum of the University of Memphis will be recognized for innovative, multidisciplinary programs that engage its academic, metropolitan, regional and professional communities in the appreciation of visual arts as expressions and shapers of cultural life and values.

The Art Museum of the University of Memphis, as an integral part of the University and its community:

  • Pursues excellence in its exhibition and educational programs
  • Engages in interdisciplinary and community collaborations that leverage resources and multiply accomplishment for all participants
  • Presents and promotes the understanding of new and innovative visual art
  • Develops and uses its collections to support student research and achievement
  • Provides exemplary stewardship of its collections
  • Represents the best practices of accredited museums
  • Fosters new generations of artists, museum professionals, scholars, and museum audiences
  • Engages its community in dialogue and actions that enhance life in the region
  • Celebrates its multicultural heritage and encourages multicultural and international understanding