Departmental Scholarships

The following scholarships are offered by departments in the College of Arts and Sciences. For more information about any of these scholarships, please contact each department or visit the University of Memphis Scholarship page.


The Department of Military Science Website provides additional information on scholarships.
  • Army ROTC-funded merit-based 2, 3, and 4 YR scholarships
  • Special STEM and Language Scholarships
  • University-funded Leadership Scholarships

Biological Sciences

  • Botany Book and Scholarship Fund
  • Goldye Feinstone Endowed Fund
  • Dr. Virginia M. Norton and Dan Norton Scholarship
  • The  Elizabeth K. Perryman Scholarship
  • Bil Simco Graduate Research Scholarship


  • J. C. Williams Memorial Scholarship
  • William H. Zuber Memorial Scholarship

Computer Science

  • Peter I. Neathery Memorial Scholarship
  • Peter I. Neathery Fellowship Fund [graduate]
  • Diversity in Computer Science Scholarship 

Criminology and Criminal Justice

  • Judge Kenneth A. Turner Scholarship
  • The Jamille Kizer Book Scholarship

Earth Sciences

  • Julius Augustus Davies Anthropology Fellowship [graduate]
  • Lounsbury Geology Scholarship
  • Dr. Paul H. Sisco, Sr., Memorial Scholarship


  • Emalie Appleton Brooks Memorial Endowed Scholarship [undergraduate]
  • Elizabeth Phillips Memorial Scholarship [undergraduate]
  • Mid-South Society for Technical Communication Scholarship [undergraduate or graduate
  • Dr. Lawrence and Sarah Wynn Fellowship [graduate]
  • Dr. Lawrence and Sarah Wynn Scholarship for the Study of Romantic and Victorian Literature [graduate]
  • Eugenia and Fred Gattas Scholarship
  • William and Martha Donigan Scholarship [graduate]
  • Ruth and Henry Loeb Scharff Scholarship [graduate]
  • Society for Technical Communication
  • English Student Scholarship 

Foreign Languages

  • Mary Pettus Thomas Memorial Scholarship
The Mary Pettus Scholarship is not awarded through the Tiger Scholarship Manager. Students should contact Dr. Thompson (see link above) for more information about the application process.


  • Bob Baker Memorial Scholarship
  • Paul R. Coppock Scholarship in History and Journalism [awarded every other year in History]
  • Belle McWilliams Scholarship
  • Ruth and Harry Woodbury Fellowship [graduate]
  • Peggy Jamison Bodine Dissertation Fellowship Award

International Studies

  • Memphis in May International Festival International Studies Scholarship

Judaic Studies

  • Bornblum Judaic Studies

Mathematical Sciences

  • R.P. and Dorothy Clark Scholarship
  • Kaltenborn Mathematics Scholarship
  • Professor James E. Jamison Scholarship


  • Carroll Bowman Scholarship
  • Craig R. Garrett Memorial Scholarship

Physics and Materials Science

  • Albert H. Woollett Scholarship
  • Robert R. Marchini Scholarship

Political Science

  • Lisa Huffsteller Scholarship

Social Work

  • Janet Mulford Memorial Scholarship
  • Cicely Crawford Scholarship
  • R.P. Tracks Scholarship