Scholarships in the College of Arts & Sciences

NOW  *Tiger Scholarship Manager (TSM) the UofM online scholarship application system is now open to students for next academic year Fall 2024-Spring/Summer 2025 scholarships

Visit https://www.memphis.edu/scholarships/ (UofM Scholarship Office website), and then choose the "Tiger Scholarship Manager" tab in the top middle of that page. Or, the direct address is: https://memphis.academicworks.com/ 

Please encourage your students to first, fill out a “General TSM application” to get the process started. The system should display which scholarships for which the student qualifies.


Applications for your major department scholarships and CAS-wide scholarships must be submitted by the end of January 2024.

Many of our CAS & department scholarships must be applied to directly and specifically by the student! Students should not count themselves out before applying, because sometimes we do not receive any qualified applications for certain scholarships. 

If a student is not sure what major/departmental or CAS college-wide scholarships to apply for, have them fill out a general TSM application, and the system should display the most applicable scholarships. If you or the student have any questions, please always reply to Dr. Ron Serinorserino@memphis.edu,  directly for further guidance. 

The Tiger Scholarship Manager is the secure, online system that offers a centralized location for all scholarship opportunities at the University of Memphis.

The System offers a centralized, searchable database, an online application process, tools to help match you to eligible scholarships, and tools to upload supportive documents (i.e., resumes, essays, recommendation letters, financials, etc.)

And it automatically notifies you when you are selected for awards. You can log in to your secure online account to review requirements and accept your awards.

To access the system, log in to the UofM portal > Go to the Accounts Tab > and Click on the Tiger Scholarship link on the Scholarships Channel. How To Guide

Students who receive these departmental and privately funded scholarships – those scholarships found on Tiger Scholarship Manager – must agree to the following:

  • have a photo taken with our university photographer,
  • provide a brief bio and
  • write a thank you note for donors who have generously provided the funds to benefit our students.

University of Memphis Undergraduate Scholarship Office

The Undergraduate Scholarship Office at the University of Memphis awards hundreds of academic scholarships each year to entering freshmen. All scholarships are awarded for the academic year (Fall and Spring semesters).

Scholarships are awarded based on information submitted on the University of Memphis admissions application. A separate scholarship application is not required unless noted.

The deadline for admission to the University of Memphis for scholarship consideration is March 1. Visit their website for information on UofM scholarships.