Northern Embayment Lithospere Experiment

Proposed Work

Experimental Design

NELE is a lithospheric-scale passive array experiment. Fifty stations of the USArray TA form the basic grid that is densified along 3 profiles and between TA grid points. We are proposing that 40 FA broadband stations will be used to form three profiles over a two-year deployment and an additional 10 FA broadband stations be moved to fill in the TA grid in six month intervals to increase the background spatial resolution in velocity structure from 70km to about 35km (below). NELE augments the planned USArray deployment of 50 sensors with an additional 80 sites. There will also be 31 network broadband stations available to add to the data set to give a grand total of 161 sites.

NELE experimental design

The NELE design is superimposed on this map of TA stations. Flex array experiment consists of 4 10-station, 6 month deployments (circles) and 40 BB stations arranged in 3 dense profiles (stars) – N1, N2, and N3.