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For 23 years I worked for the California Division of Mines and Geology (now California Geological Survey) and 7 years for the U.S. Geological Survey prior to coming to work for CERI at the University of Memphis. During that period I worked in several areas of seismology including probabilistic earthquake hazard and risk, strong ground motion and the effects of site geology, earthquakes and volcanoes, and field seismological studies of geothermal areas, aftershock sequences, reservoir induced seismicity, and the earthquake activity potential of faults. My experience with programming and using computer systems to process, model, and interpret geophysical data is extensive. As an undergraduate and during my first two years as a graduate student, I worked on geophysical problems and did field work in the areas of gravity, magnetism, and geodesy.

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This map illustrates Deterministic seismic hazard, showing ground motions expected from a M7.7 earthquake located northwest of Memphis, on a fault coincident with the southern linear zone of modern seismicity. Motions are accelerations with oscillation periods of 1 second for the same area shown in the above inset map and include site amplification effects.

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