Exploration Seismology

Exploration Seismology Research Active source exploration seismology--focusing on  growth, tectonic evolution and deformation of continents, and shallow structure related to long-term deformation in the Mississippi Embayment. Active source recordings are used to investigate attenuation and nonlinear dynamics of soft Embayment sediments.

Mid to shallow crust structure is investigated using passive source recordings by the New Madrid seismic network and temporary broadband instrument deployments.

Research interests include, but are not limited to:

  • Tectonic evolution and deformation of the continental lithosphere
  • Onshore-off shore active source experiments
  • Imaging fault displacements in the Mississippi Embayment
  • In situ measurements of nonlinear dynamics in shallow, unconsolidated sediments
  • Explosion source strong ground motions in the Mississippi Embayment
  • Shear wave velocity structure of the Mississippi Embayment

Current CERI investigators are: