Computational SeismologyThe Earthquake Processes and Tectonic Modeling Group

The broad theme of the QUATEC Research Group is the study of tectonics and earthquake processes through data analysis, modeling and simulation. We understand these processes as the multi-scale multi-physics problems spanning from the formation and evolution of seismic faults to the ground response and effects of earthquakes, including the fault's rupture and the propagating of waves through the crust. QUATEC researchers approach these problems using numerical techniques and advanced computer applications.

The group is led by ta vibrant faculty member affiliated with the Center for Earthquake Research and Information:

They are dedicated to understanding three key problems (inter-)connecting the areas of tectonics, geophysics, seismology and engineering:

  1. The mechanics of faults at geologic time scales --- the formation and evolution of seismic faults (Choi).
  2. These research matters are part and parcel of our organizational structure, which is divided in three laboratories where each faculty pursues dedicated research topics with the help of bright and enthusiastic graduate students. These labs are:
  • The Computational Tectonics Modeling Lab (CTM)
  • The Earthquake Physics Lab (EQPhys)

Besides his  full-time affiliation with CERI, E. Choi (CTM) has a  joint appointment with the Department of Earth Sciences, and teach courses in the geophysics concentration.