Apply to Graduate

  1. What is my "College or School?"

    All academic fields of study are located within a college. The colleges are: Arts & Sciences, Business and Economics, Communication & Fine Arts, Education, Engineering, University College, Nursing, Kemmons Wilson School of Hospitality and Resort Management, School of Communication Sciences and Disorders, Law, and Graduate School. All graduate students are in the Graduate School regardless of major. The commencement program will list graduate students with the undergraduate college of their major to correspond with the processional.

  2. I want to file my intent for May 2090 (or August 2090 or future term), but that is not an option? Why can't I file for spring?

    You might be looking at the "Curriculum Term Selection" screen, which asks you to choose the right term for your correct program. Choose the most recent term and you will choose the graduation term/date in a few more screens after this selection.

  3. I get an error message when I try to file by intent!

    If you have previously filed for graduation, it will not allow you to do so again. If you have not filed, it may be that you do not have enough hours to file in which case you should contact your graduate analyst.

  4. Who is my Graduation Analyst?

    Please refer to the list of College Graduation Analysts and find the name listed for your College. All doctoral and master's and certificate students college is the Graduate School and you speak to Michelle Stout. Law Students speak to Cheryl Edwards, Law School.

  5. What if I don't have 80 hours but plan to graduate in two or three semesters?

    Contact your Academic Advisor and graduation analyst to develop a plan for securing sufficient credits to graduate in the time frame you wish.

  6. I need to change my date, and the form will not allow me to do this.

    The Application will not allow you to do this unless your graduation analyst allows it. Notify your graduation analyst that you need to move your date.

  7. I click on Step 3, but it tells me there is no graduation application.

    You must do Steps 1 and 2 prior to submitting Step 3. If you have done the previous steps, email commencement@memphis.edu with your address, name, UNumber, height, weight and cap size.

  8. Step 3 asks me about cap and gown measurements, but I don't plan to participate in a ceremony.

    Step 3 is required by all students, Undergraduate (UG), Graduate (GR) and Law. The Commencement Office will confirm if you are attending at a later date within your graduating semester. All steps are required.


  1. Can I decorate my cap and gown? What if I purchase it from the company?

    NO! These are rentals and must be returned. You cannot purchase them from the company because Commencement has a contract for rentals NOT purchases.

  2. How do I indicate I plan to participate in Commencement?

    To complete your attendance form, click here (only fill this out within your final semester). Details are available here.

  3. Where do I pick up my cap & gown?

    Students will pick up regalia (caps, gowns, hoods, and tassels) 1-2 days before Commencement during Cap and Gown Distribution. During the spring semester, Lambuth students and Law students will receive caps and gowns in April.

  4. What do I need to bring to cap and gown?

    Proof that you have completed your attendance form (electronic copy or hard copy of submission/email reply) and a photo ID. For more information, click here.

  5. Can someone else pick up my cap and gown, if I am unable?

    Yes. Please send an email to commencement@memphis.edu with the name of the individual. This person must bring his or her photo ID to the pick-up location.

  6. What if I am unable to pick up my items during cap and gown distribution? Can I pick them up at the event location on Commencement day?

    We highly recommend picking up at cap and gown distribution, however everything that is not picked up during cap and gown distribution is taken to the event location and will be available one hour prior to the event time. You must come one hour prior to ensure you can get your cap and gown.

  7. What if my hat is too large/too small?

    Do not worry. We bring extras to Commencement.

  8. When and how do I get a pronouncer card?

    If you complete all parts of the checklist, a pronouncer card will be given to you during cap and gown distribution. Pronouncer cards must be brought with the graduating student to Commencement or you cannot cross the stage to graduate. Keep it and don't destroy or misplace it. You cannot walk without it.

  9. How many people may I bring to the graduation ceremony?

    All three University of Memphis Commencement ceremonies are currently held at the FedEx Forum. The ceremonies are open to the public. No tickets are required. We encourage large parties to arrive one hour before the ceremony to secure setting together. Commencement and the FedEx Forum do not reserve seats. There is seating for families who have members with disabilities.

  10. May I keep my cap, gown, tassel, or honor cord?

    You must return your cap and gown after the ceremony at the FedEx Forum or the following week inside the Commencement Office (101 Brister Hall). You may keep your tassel and honor cord only. Everything else must be returned.

  11. Do the undergraduate and master's students walk at the same time?

    Yes, undergraduate and master's students with the same majors walk with others in the same college/school. For example, an undergraduate major in History and a master's student majoring in History will walk at the same ceremony with The College of Arts and Sciences. If you have questions about this, please contact our office at 901.678.5547.

  12. How long do the ceremonies last?

    The ceremonies will last approximately 2 hours.

  13. Can I borrow a cap and gown from the Commencement Office to take pictures?

    The Commencement Office likes to provide the best customer service to its customers, but unfortunately, we do not keep regalia in the office for students to borrow. We work through a vendor and only get caps and gowns during small windows throughout the year. We do not loan out caps and gowns.


  1. May I change my name on my diploma?

    You may change your name in Banner (University system) by going to the Registrar's Office (Wilder Tower, Room 003, 901.678.3928). The name on your program, attendance card and diploma must match the name on your file at the Registrar's office. Do not wait until the last minute to make a name change. Be sure to complete all of this by the program deadline within the semester you are graduating. For more details, refer to Registrar's Office Policy. If you are an alumnus/a, reordering your diploma, contact the Alumni Office for name changes.

  2. How do I update my diploma mailing address?

    To update your diploma mailing address, click here. Once within My Memphis, go to My Degree, click on the Commencement and Graduation channel, and then go to Step 3 of the Apply to Graduate Process.

  3. When will I receive my diploma?

    Diplomas for May graduates will be mailed by the Commencement Office by August 1 of the same year. Diplomas for August graduates will be mailed by the Commencement Office by November 1 of the same year.Diplomas for December graduates will be mailed by the Commencement Office by March 1 of the following year.

  4. Can I pick up my diploma rather than have it mailed to me? Can someone else pick it up for me?

    Yes. Please email commencement@memphis.edu with your name, college, degree, and email and phone number. We will contact you when your diploma is ready for pick up. Someone else can pick it up by you sending an email to commencement@memphis.edu stating who is allowed to receive your diploma. This person must bring a photo ID.

    All other diplomas will be mailed. Graduating students with addresses in close proximity will be asked to pick up their diplomas to avoid any damage to them.

  5. Where is my diploma?

    Diplomas are mailed to certified students two-three months after graduation. If it is after 3 months, contact 901.678.5547 or email us at commencement@memphis.edu. The diploma arrives in a large envelope, so sometimes the postal office will require you to pick it up or receive it as a package. If you have not received the diploma within three months, you may want to contact your local postal office before contacting us.

  6. I did not obtain a diploma cover and/or tassel. Can one be mailed to me?

    Mailing the covers is discouraged. However, students are welcome to stop by the Commencement Office M-F 8:00 am - 4:30 pm and obtain one. Tassels can be mailed or picked up from our office.