Name Changes

Deadline to complete/submit Name Changes is the same as the Graduation Deadline for the term you filed an application.

Your official name with the University is the name that will be reflected on your diploma and in the program. If the current way your name is listed is not what you want, you must complete a Name Change with the Registrar's Office. The only acceptable change that does not require a Name Change Form is if your full middle name is in the University system and you only want your middle initial. In this case, the only thing you have to do is let us know. 

  • Look at your name in myMemphis and ensure your name is the way you want it (you also received an email upon filing of the name that will be displayed on your diploma and commencement program).
  • If your name is not the name you would like to use for Graduation and Diploma purposes, visit https://www.memphis.edu/registrar/students/records/personal-data.php. Upload a the Name Change Form with supporting documentation. We cannot accept Social Security Cards via email. We cannot accept the signature on the driver's license as a substitution for the signature on the request form. The form must be hand signed.

Deadlines are STRICTLY ENFORCEDAny name change completed after our deadline, will NOT be updated on your diploma. All students MUST comply by the deadline to make program/diploma name changes. Any diplomas with name changes after the deadline, will be considered a reorder and the student must cover the cost. These names must match. If you want to change your name on your diploma or in the program, you must do so by completing the Name Change Form located on the Registrar's webpage.