Christine Platt

Christine Platt

PhD Graduate Student

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Christine Platt is doctoral candidate in the Department of Communication at the University of Memphis where she studies Health Communication. Christine completed her MBA at Baylor University and her bachelor's degree at the University of Central Arkansas, both with a Marketing and Finance concentration. Her research interests include health literacy, global health prevention and promotion (particularly in the Haitian Central Plateau), and health messaging using mass media channels. In recent years, she has focused on applying communication theory and twenty-plus years of corporate marketing experience to develop better techniques for communicating about health. Christine was awarded the 2013 & 2014 University of Memphis Graduate Research Award for Liberal and Fine Arts. She has presented her research at the National Communication Association National Conference, the Health Communication Conferences at George Mason University and the University of Kentucky. She hosts the WUMR radio series, "Let's Talk Health" on the campus of the University of Memphis. And in early 2013, Christine joined the Food Advisory Council for the city of Memphis whose mission is to help area residents make healthy food choices.


MBA Baylor University
BBA University of Central Arkansas


2012-2015 On-Air Host, Researcher and Writer, Let's Talk Health, WUMR 92.7, M-F 4:55 p.m.
2014 & 2015 National Communication Association Reviewer, Health Communication Division
2013-2015 Marketing Assistant, Clinical Communication Collaborative
2013 Instructor/University of Memphis Representative, National Institutes of Health, WeCan: Smart Media Program, Fayette County Schools
2013-2015 Co-Chair, University of Memphis Graduate Student Representative, Douglass High School Outreach Program
2013-2014 Memphis Food Advisory Council, City of Memphis 

Honors and Awards

2013 & 2014 University of Memphis Graduate Research Award Liberal Arts
2014 University of Memphis Graduate Research Forum Keynote Speaker
2014 NCA Doctoral Honors Seminar Alternate
2015 University of Memphis School of Public Health Multi-Discipline Project Competition. College of Communication and Fine Arts appointed representative and 2nd runner up.
2014 National Communication Association, 100th Annual Convention, Panel Chairman, Chicago, Illinois.
2014 National Communication Association, Student Legislative Assembly Representative Nominee, Health Communication
2013 & 2014 Nominee and Runner Up: Tennessee Board of Regents Graduate Research Award Presentation


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Health Communication, Theories of Persuasion, Health News and Promotion, Oral Communication, Introduction to Human Communication, Introduction to Marketing, International Marketing, Marketing for Financial Institutions, Accounting I & II, Real Estate I & II, Banking Theory and Practice