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Katherine G. Hendrix


Art & Communication Bldg 245C
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I am an instructional communication scholar with a broad teaching range including argumentation, interpersonal and intercultural communication, and qualitative research methods. Given this, I am dedicated to the scholarship of teaching and study professor and graduate teaching assistant (GTA) communication contributing to their classroom credibility. The pedagogical contributions of and challenges faced by professors and GTAs of color are of particular interest to me—including international graduate teaching assistants with English as a Second Language who teach oral performance courses. In addition, I employ a critical approach to investigating the implicit rules and issues of power associated with conducting academic research and the publication process.

I love growing roses, photography, and serving as a stewardess at my church where my duties include serving communion. When I grow up, I want to be a wedding photographer.


B.A. Speech Communication, California State University, Fresno
M.A. Rhetoric, University of California, Davis
Ph.D. Speech Communication, University of Washington


Full Professor, Department of Communication, University of Memphis, August 2011
Associate Professor, Department of Communication, University of Memphis, Fall 2000
Assistant Professor, Department of Communication, University of Memphis, Fall 1994

Senior/Graduate Level Courses 4/6000 and 7/8000

Intro to Qualitative Research Methods, Advanced Qualitative Research Methods, Interpersonal Communication, Intercultural Communication, Intro to Graduate Studies Seminar, Classroom Communication, Communication Pedagogy, Graduate Teaching Assistant Seminars, Communication Theory, & Interpersonal Conflict

Undergraduate Level Courses 2000 & 3000

Oral Communication & Argumentation and Debate

Honors and Awards

African American Communication & Culture Division and Black Caucus Lifetime Service Award, National Communication Conference, Indianapolis, IN (virtual conference), November 2020

Top Paper Panelist in the Ethnography Division, Southern States Communication Association (SSCA) conference, Frisco, TX, April 2020

"Top 3 Paper" in the Instructional Development Division (IDD), Southern States Communication Association (SSCA) conference, Greenville, S. Carolina, April 2017.

Donald H. Ecroyd Award for Excellent Teaching in Higher Education, National Communication Association. Awarded at the national conference in November 2015.

University of Memphis, Alumni Association, Excellence in Research in the Humanities, 2013.

Honoree, Excellent Teachers on Teaching panel, National Communication Association (NCA), Orlando, FL, 2012

Michael Osborn Teacher-Scholar Award, Southern States Communication Association, San Antonio, TX, 2012

Dean's Research Award, University of Memphis, College of Communication and Fine Arts, 2011

Rose B. Johnson Award for "Best Article published in the Southern Communication Journal," Southern States Communication Association conference, Dallas, TX, April 2006.

Outstanding Journal Article, 2006, International and Intercultural Division, National Communication Association conference, San Antonio, TX ("An Invitation to Dialogue")

"Top 3 Paper" at the National Communication Association and Southern States Communication Association conferences, 2006 & 2004.

Visiting Scholar, Western Michigan University, October 2002

Recipient, John I. Sisco Excellence in Teaching Award, Southern States Communication Association, Spring 2002

Research Interests

Professor credibility, classroom interactions of professors and teaching assistants of color, classroom experiences of non-native English speaking professors and teaching assistants, and doxa of the publication process in the field of communication

Recent Publications

Hendrix, K. G. (2021). There are no awards for surviving racism, sexism, and ageism in the academy: Contemplations of a senior faculty member.  Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies Journal (published online January 2021) 

Hendrix, K. G. (2020). Disrupting institutional erasure: Organizational exit, remembrance, value, and the need to matter.  Gender, Work, and Organizations, 

https://doi.org/10.1111/gwao.12609 (currently published online in EarlyView) 

Hendrix, K. G. (2020). When teaching fails due to third-party interference: a blackgirl warrior’s story.  Communication Education, 69:4, 414-422, doi: 10.1080/03634523.2020.1804067  

Hendrix, K. G. (2020). The Lone Ranger, Tonto, and Katherine: What is the script for a senior faculty member? Qualitative Inquiry, 26(3–4), 379–387. https://doi.org/10.1177/1077800419838588 (published online March 29, 2019)

Rudick, C. K., Zoffel, N., & Hendrix, K. G. (2020). Engage and activate: Navigating college and beyond.
San Diego, CA: Cognella Press.

Hendrix, K.G., & Moore, N. (2018). Intercultural communication in the classroom. In Y. Y. Kim (Ed.). International Encyclopedia of Intercultural Communication. San Francisco, Wiley-Blackwell.  https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1002/9781118783665.ieicc0049 

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international professors in the classroom. New Directions for Teaching and Learning, 138,
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