Jane ClementJane Clement,  Ph.D.,

Alma Mater:  University of Memphis.  (GO TIGERS!)

Hobbies:   When I am not being the Director of the Counseling Center or working in my private practice, I enjoy time with family – particularly with my granddaughters. I enjoy playing bridge with friends and going to the lake. I go to any and all theater shows I am able. I collect kaleidoscopes and love art museums and antiques. My passion is Tiger Basketball – you will find me at most every game. I travel a lot but have a few places still on my bucket list...China, Croatia, and Costa Rica.

Professional areas of interest:  Areas of professional interest for me are: Training, Diversity, Women's issues, Couples, Myers-Briggs, and family therapy.

Wellness Tip:  Wellness for me means staying busy and finding time to laugh.

Robert Maichrowicz

Robert Maichrowicz, Ph.D.,
Associate Director

Alma Mater:  University of Akron. 

Hobbies:  Music, Pittsburgh Steelers Football, attending my son's sporting events.

Favorite books and/or movies:  My favorite book is "The Cat in the Hat Comes Back" and my favorite film is "The Titanic".

Professional areas of interest:  Intern and practicum student training, psychological assessment, and positive psychology.

Wellness Tip:  Enjoy the moment as nothing stays the same forever.  Remember to laugh along the way and to not take things too seriously.

Lisa Winborn

Lisa Winborn, Ph.D.,
Assistant Director

Alma Mater:  University of Memphis.  (GO TIGERS!)

Hobbies:  Being with friends, reading, watching movies.

Favorite books and/or movies:  It is impossible to pick a favorite book!  My favorite move is "Wait Until Dark".

Professional areas of interest:  Sexual trauma recovery, diversity, suicide prevention, chronic illness, childhood trauma, ADHD.

Wellness Tip:  Laugh often and don't take life too seriously.  Do what you have to do to live in the moment.

Linh P. Luu

Linh P. Luu, Ph.D.,
Assistant Director, Training Director- Internship and Practicum

Alma Mater:  Lehigh University.

Hobbies:  I love traveling and exploring new places, meeting new people, cooking, practicing yoga, spending time with friends, decorating, and reading.

Favorite books and/or movies:  It is impossible to pick a favorite book! A few of the books I like includes: The Namesake, The Five People You Meet in Heaven, and the Center Cannot Hold.

Professional areas of interest:  My scholarly interests include social justice advocacy and multicultural competency in training, clinical supervision, and racial and gender issues. My clinical interests include trauma and grief, multicultural issues, LGBT, and identities development issues.

Wellness Tip:  Be where you are, enjoy the moment, find meaning and purpose in what you do.


Britney Bryson

Britney Bryson, LPC-MHSP, 
Staff Mental Health Counselor, Health and Wellness Outreach Educator

Alma Mater:  I attended Middle Tennessee State University for my undergraduate degree and University of Memphis for my graduate degree.

Hobbies:  Watching movies, creative writing, listening to music, and going to concerts.

Professional areas of interest: Wellness education and awareness, group therapy, trauma, self-esteem, dual diagnosis treatment for substance use and mental illness, suicide prevention, adjustment, relationships and risk prevention.

Wellness Tip:  "We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty" - Maya Angelou. Know that change and challenges will not be stopped by our beauty or our healing. The best parts of us were created with tears and tough decisions. Take care of yourself at each part of your process because self-care isn't about being pretty. Self-care is about knowing how to survive and thrive when things get ugly.

Artice Carter

Artice Carter, LCSW,
Staff Social Worker

Alma Mater:  University of Memphis (GO Blue, GO Gray, GO Tigers!) 

Hobbies:  Being with family and attending shows at the Orpheum and Ballet Memphis.

Professional areas of interest: Problems and concerns related to transition-age youth, severe mental illness (SMI), complex trauma, spirituality, issues with guilt and shame, crisis intervention and crisis prevention planning.

Wellness Tip:  The first wealth is health. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

David Deason

David Deason, Ph.D.,
Staff Psychologist

Alma Mater:  I received my B.S. from the University of Alabama, and my M.S. and Ph.D. From the University of Southern Mississippi.

Hobbies:  I like watching sports, especially college football, smoking BBQ, cooking, watching movies, traveling and reading.

Favorite books and/or movies:  Too many to name here, but among my favorite movies would be Shawshank Redemption and Forrest Gump. I loved the book Lonesome Dove and most all of Stephen King's short stories.

Professional areas of interest: Personality disorders, anxiety, trauma, attachment theory, developmental theories and counselor development.

Wellness Tip:  Mark Twain once said, "I've known a lot of trouble in my life, most of which never happened." I find we do well to remember anxiety mostly lives in our imagination.

Victoria Jones

Victoria Jones, LMSW,
Staff Social Worker, Outreach Coordinator

Alma Mater:  University of Memphis. (Go Tigers Go!)

Hobbies:  I enjoy reading, cooking, practicing yoga, working out, sports, and event planning.

Favorite books and/or movies:  My favorite book would have to be the Harry Potter series and my favorite movie is the Breakfast Club.

Professional areas of interest: Stress management, trauma, suicide prevention, safe zone, personal growth and cultivation, training and presenting, mindfulness, art therapy, play therapy, sports psychology, and group therapy.

Wellness Tip:  I think Albus Dumbledore says it best that "happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if only one remembers to turn on the light". However, my own tip is to always strive for balance in life instead of perfection in life.


Kelsey Hoover

Kelsey Hoover,
Administrative Assistant

Alma Mater: University of Memphis. (Go Tigers!)

Hobbies: Reading, attending sporting events, and playing with my dog.

Favorite books and/or movies: A few of my favorite books include the Harry Potter series, the Book Thief, and Jane Eyre.

Wellness Tip: Self-care is so necessary. When you make time to care for and replenish yourself, you will give the world a better version of you.

Donna Larison

Donna Larison,
Administrative Assistant

Alma Mater: Education received at Bulmershe school and college.

Hobbies: Calligraphy, Tea culture, reading and staying in touch with scattered family; stateside and abroad.

Favorite books and/or movies: I enjoy any book with a strong redemptive theme like A Christmas Carol and Oliver Twist. An utter favorite is Pride and Prejudice. Favorite movie by far is Dead Poets Society.

Wellness Tip: Remember that your smile is your superpower. Mother Teresa once said; "Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing." We can never know all the good that a simple smile can do.

2018 – 2019 Doctoral Interns in Health Service Psychology

Alexander Cushing

Alexander Cushing, M.A.,
Psychology Intern

Alma Mater: I attended the University of California, Berkeley for my undergraduate degree and John F. Kennedy University for my master's and doctoral studies.

Hobbies: Sports, sneakers, traveling, food, music, barbering, and spending time with friends and family.

Favorite books and/or movies: I love sport psychology books and autobiographies. A few of my favorites include: Mind Gym, The Art of Mental Training, The Mindful Athlete: Secrets to Peak Performance, and autobiographies by Phil Knight, Shaq, and Kevin Hart. For movies, I enjoy comedies, action, and suspense.

Professional areas of interest: Sport Psychology, Peak Performance, Multiculturalism, Diversity, Health Psychology, Mindfulness, Anxiety, Depression, Identity Development, ADHD.

Wellness Tip: Although the destination is important, the best times happen in the journey along the way. Take time to enjoy the process.

Peter Karinen

Peter Karinen, M.A.,
Psychology Intern

Alma Mater: I attended New York University for undergraduate study, and Alliant International University in Los Angeles for my doctorate.

Hobbies: Reading, watching baseball, and traveling.

Favorite books and/or movies: I love watching comedic movies and reading historical fiction.

Professional areas of interest: Group therapy, therapeutic humor, trauma, anxiety.

Wellness Tip: Become curious about yourself. The more you know about yourself, the better equipped you'll be to achieve your goals.

Courtney Williams

Courtney Williams, M.A.,
Psychology Intern

Alma Mater: I completed my bachelor's in Psychology at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and my master's degree in General Psychology at North Carolina Central University. I will be receiving my doctoral degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of Georgia.

Hobbies: I enjoy traveling, shopping, and spending time with loved ones.

Favorite books and/or movies: My favorite book, that I am reading now, is called "The Hate you Give" by Angie Thomas.

Professional areas of interest: Stress and anxiety, interpersonal challenges, group work, multiculturalism and diversity inclusion, graduate student support, students of color, and body image and identity formation.

Wellness Tip: Wellness is holistic so do what you can to keep yourself whole. Nourish your body, feed your mind, and cultivate your spirit every day. #ProtectYourPeace. One tip that I would recommend in "protecting your peace" is giving yourself a "cut off" time (as often as possible) from any work/school related activities.

Jason Wong

Jason Wong, M.A.,
Psychology Intern

Alma Mater: Azusa Pacific University

Hobbies: I enjoy long bicycle rides, playing guitar, eating, and making/spending time with friends!

Favorite books and/or movies: Some of my favorite books include "Love's Executioner", and the "Ender's game" series. My favorite movie is Nacho Libre.

Professional areas of interest: Identity formation, international students, group therapy, self-compassion, and mindfulness.

Wellness Tip: We are all on a journey that will last a lifetime, so be kind to yourself! Trust the process and be present to your everyday experience.