Center for Research on Women

Researchers at the Center for Research on Women (CROW) examine problems of social inequality as they relate to gender, race, class, and sexual orientation.

In addition to ongoing research, CROW administers the Memphis Safe Campus Project to reduce and prevent violence against women on campus. Their website (crow.memphis.edu) includes instructions to faculty and staff if a student reports being a victim of relationship violence, sexual assault or stalking. Students can also call CRISIS-7 (274-7477) 24 hours a day to speak confidentially with a trained counselor who can assist them, refer them to a variety of support services including the UofM Counseling Center, and help them determine what next steps to take.

The website also provides direct access to information for students including:

  • Violence Against Women
  • Filing a Report on Campus
  • Campus Resources
  • What Men Can Do
  • The Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN)

If you are a victim of crime please call Police Services at 678-4357. IF YOU ARE IN IMMEDIATE DANGER CALL 911! IF YOU ARE ON CAMPUS CALL 678-4357 for quicker response from U of M Campus Police.

Sex offenses may be reported by contacting U of M Police Services (678-4357/678-HELP), the Memphis Sexual Assault Resource Center (528-2161), the Memphis Police Department (528-2222) or the Shelby County Sheriff Department (577-5555). Or you may call CRISIS-7 (24 hours a day) to speak confidentially with a trained counselor who will assist you in determining what steps to take.

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