Preparedness Questionnaire

Take the time to answer these questions. If you have answered "no" to any one of these questions, you need to develop or update your Emergency Plan.

  • Do you believe that your department, residence hall, or community is prepared for emergencies?
  • Do you believe that your family, friends, or colleagues are well-prepared to handle most emergencies?
  • Have you discussed emergency planning issues with the above individuals?
  • Do you have an Emergency Supplies Kit including:
    • a three-day supply of water per person ( 1 gallon per-person, per day)
    • one change of clothing per person
    • one blanket or sleeping bag per person
    • first aid kit with current prescription medication enough for four days
    • battery powered radio & flashlight, w/extra batteries
    • extra set of car keys
    • a credit card and a small amount of cash
    • sanitation supplies
  • Do you have a charged ABC fire extinguisher?
  • Are you trained on the proper techniques of fire extinguisher use?
  • Have you made photo or videotape records of your personal property?
  • Do you know evacuation procedures and assembly areas?