Outdoor Warning System

The sirens are activated for the following circumstances:

  • A Tornado Warning means the National Weather Service has issued a tornado warning for Shelby County for a specific period of time, or trained weather spotters have detected a tornado approaching or within Shelby County. TAKE COVER IMMEDIATELY! Seek shelter on the lowest level of the building (preferably a basement), in the interior rooms or hallways, away from all glass/windows. If a basement is not available, use interior rooms or hallways, away from all glass/windows.
  • Lockdown: Take Cover, Lock, Barricade. A lockdown alert means there is an active shooter, or school/workplace violence somewhere on campus. If Lockdown is necessary, siren alert will be accompanied by an audible announcement, TigerText message, an email, phone call or voice mail.
    • Lockdown Actions: Lock doors, get down on floor, shield yourself, turn out lights, close blinds, stay away from windows. When police arrive, keep your hands visible so officers know you aren't a shooter. Do not move around the building until given an "All Clear" from police. Exit the building only if you are positive that you will be out of the path of the shooter.
  • Shelter-in-Place: Seek indoor refuge or stay inside. Shelter - in-Place is announced because conditions outside threaten your personal security or health. Examples: severe weather, chemical spill or gaseous release. The siren alert will be accompanied by an audible announcement.
  • Evacuation: Leave the building; do not use elevators; take your valuables and cell phone; assist the disabled. A building evacuation may be called because of fire, explosion, hazardous substance contamination, or gaseous release inside the building.
    • Evacuation Actions: Evacuate the building immediately and report to pre-designated assembly area for that building.
  • Fire: Call 911. Immediately evacuate the building; help the disabled to exit. Report to the pre-designated assembly area so first responders can account for everyone in the building.