2023 Robyn M. Cox Symposium

The Robyn Cox Auditory Research Symposium is an annual event named in honor of Dr. Robyn M. Cox, UofM professor emeritus and renowned audiologist and researcher. The symposium provides a platform for the 3rd year audiology students to present the outcomes of an original data-based research project or clinic deliverable completed over several semesters under the guidance of academic or clinical faculty. Over the years the symposium has evolved from PowerPoint presentations into a précis poster session that allows for engaging, interactive student participation.

As a reflection of how important evidence-based practice is in preparing audiologists for the field, all AuD clinical doctoral candidates are required to actively participate in an AuD Capstone project. Starting with the current 2nd year cohort, there are two possible tracks: the Capstone Research Project and the Clinical Capstone Project. According to Dr. Jordan Alyse Coffelt, “Goals of both tracks include facilitating an understanding of fundamentals of research and research ethics, supporting effective application of research evidence in clinical practice, and developing confidence in disseminating knowledge to advance the science of the profession.” Completing these projects provides opportunities for students to begin honing areas of expertise within the field and gives them practical experience in presenting findings and clinical projects to the broader CSD community. 

Anna Peeples and Sydney Golden DillardCarly HalleyMoncrieff and JoyMendel

Presentations given this December were:

  • “Evaluation of cochlear implant indications in survivors of childhood cancer” - Sydney Golden, Anna Peeples, & Dr. Sarah Warren
  • “Motivating diverse adults to take action for better hearing health: an exploration of barriers and facilitators” - Bailey Johnson, Dr. Jani Johnson, & Dr. Lipika Sarangi
  • “Elevated or Absent Contralateral Acoustic Reflexes in Children with Dichotic Deficits” - Lauren Joy & Dr. Deborah Moncrieff
  • “Utilizing Community-Engaged Research to Understand Access to Cochlear Implants in Underserved Communities” - Gretchen Nibert, Dr. Sarah Warren, Dr. Laura Coco, & Dr. Jordan Alyse Coffelt
  • "Accuracy of sound level meter applications for iPhone and Android" - Hadley Beach, Hailey Wilson, & Dr. Lisa Lucks Mendel
  • “Psychosocial Outcomes in Cochlear Implant Patients at MSHC” - Carly Halley, Dr. Sarah Warren, & Dr. Jordan Alyse Coffelt

Since the inception of the Cox Symposium in 2016, research areas have explored a wide range of topics such as cortical response recordings, speech perception of bilingual children, prevalence of amblyaudia and dichotic dysaudia, barriers to hearing healthcare in pediatrics, and evaluation of perceptions of hearing devices. Many of the student projects completed through this experience have also been presented at local, national, and international conferences, and several have won conference-wide awards. Among the projects that were later presented to the larger CSD community were those by Drs. Erin Gowen and Hannah Beth Scott, who presented with Dr. Lisa Lucks Mendel at AudiologyNOW! in 2017, Emily Cotton who presented with Dr. Jani Johnson at the American Auditory Society conference in 2022, and Autumn Barron who presented with Dr. Sarah Warren at the American Cochlear Implant Alliance conference in 2022.