Memphis Speech and Hearing Center Client Assistance Program

by Hannah Rae Vaden

The Client Assistance Program (CAP) is one of the more unique and personal benefits associated with the Memphis Speech and Hearing Center (MSHC). Since 1990, The Speech and Hearing Center, Inc. Board of Directors has provided CAP funding to help patients supplement the cost of services and devices. CAP is available to all clients who qualify, even if they have insurance. A major benefit of CAP is that it can be applied toward some services that are not covered by insurance such as the cost of hearing aid devices, transgender voice therapy, fluency services, and group therapy programs (e.g., literacy camp, Aphasia Bootcamp). One client who received voice therapy to aid in their gender transition commented, "Being on the financial assistance program was such a blessing. It came at a very hard time in my life when I was transitioning to who I am today. I had very little funds but finding my voice was such a big part of being myself. It made my visits affordable and I was able to achieve my goal and encourage others to do so as well". One of Dr. Eileen Smith's hearing aid patients observed, "CAP helps me to afford my supplies and the service done to my hearing aid. Medicare does not cover any of the work that needs to be done."

Client Assistance Program

With CAP, qualified clients can have between 20% to 80% of the cost of their services covered. This coverage is also flexible. Since it is need based, if a client's needs change, the amount of support they receive can be adjusted. In the last fiscal year, more than $57,000 in CAP funds were distributed. The program is consistently helpful, and clients are extremely grateful for any help they can get. One of Dr. Casandra Bank's patients reports that, "The Client Assistance Program made the difference between me replacing my lost hearing aid or going without hearing. I would never have been able to afford it without assistance due to losing my job during COVID."
There are several ways you can support the Client Assistance Program.

  1. Donate through the UofM's giving portal
    1. select MSHC Client Assistance Program Fund
  2. Sign up to support the Board of Directors through:
    1. Amazon Smile program: Select Memphis Speech and Hearing Center, Inc. as your nonprofit.
    2. Kroger Plus card and Superlo Rewards: select Memphis Speech and Hearing Center, Inc. as your charity