Faculty Updates


Dr. Miriam van Mersbergen is serving as the voice researcher on a recently awarded grant from the National Science Foundation with a group of researchers from the Institute for Intelligent Systems. The grant, “Language Across Cultures: The Communication Styles of World Leaders,” will be led by Dr. Leah Windsor and includes a cross-disciplinary team from psychology, business, speech science, linguistics, and political science.


Dr. Gavin Bidelman has been awarded a University Research Professorship.

This award was based on recommendations from the VP for Research and Innovation, the Provost, and the Dean of the School. It is a three-year appointment with an annual stipend.


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Bidelman, G. M. (2021). “Unraveling the impact of auditory aging on speech processing via concurrent brainstem and cortical evoked potentials,” XXVII Biennial Symposium of the International Evoked Response Audiometry Study Group (IERASG), Cologne, Germany [Virtual], June 20-24, 2021. [Keynote lecture]

In the Media

Dr. Jani Johnson was recently quoted in a Consumer Reports article entitled, “Why You Shouldn’t Put Off Getting Hearing Aids”.

Dr. D. Kimbrough Oller was interviewed for an article in the New York Times. He was also interviewed for a story heard on “All Things Considered” which airs on National Public Radio. Dr. Oller was also interviewed for a story in Science News.