Auditory Electrophysiology Laboratory

Directed by Herbert Jay Gould, Ph.D., this laboratory conducts studies concerning the integrity of the auditory system at brainstem, mid brain and cortical levels. Studies are designed to distinguish patterns of electrical activity associated with speech perception in both normal and communication disordered children and adults.


Director: Herbert Jay Gould, Ph.D., CCC-A

Current Lab Projects

VEMP - A study of age and stimulus level
Principal Investigator: Herbert Jay Gould, Ph.D
Co-investigators: Shaum Bhagat, Ph.D., Monique A. Pousson, M.S.


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  • Prout, Tina M. - Auditory and Visual P300 Event Related Potentials: Latency Difference and Modality Dependence (2005).
  • Schairer, Kim S. - Effects of the Multiple Deviant Paradigm on Mismatch Negativity Source Generators (2000).
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