FAQs - First Week Questions

Where is the School of Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD) and the Memphis Speech and Hearing Center (MSHC)?

The School and MSHC are NOT located on main UofM campus. They are housed in the Community Health Building (CHB) located at 4055 North Park Loop, Memphis, TN 38152 on the Park Avenue Campus of the University of Memphis. All classes and clinic are at the CHB.

When is orientation? What will happen at orientation?

Orientation will be held at the Community Health Building. The dates are included in the General Timeline. It's important to remember that these dates fall BEFORE classes start at the university, so you'll want to make sure to get here the week before classes begin. The day will be the time when incoming students meet current students and faculty as well as receive information regarding the program, class and clinic schedules and orientation meeting times. We will begin at 9:30 am in the lobby of the Memphis Speech and Hearing Center and will provide breakfast and lunch. Meetings with clinic supervisors will be scheduled on Thursday and Friday. There is also a New Graduate Student Orientation at the University Center on the main campus. General questions about graduate school will be answered and lunch will be provided. 

Will there be any social events during orientation?

Yes. There will be an informal event each evening of orientation to give you the opportunity to better get to know faculty as well as incoming and current students. One of the evening events will be a party at a faculty member's home. Significant others and children are invited. Smaller events are planned for the other two evenings. These events are not mandatory, but you are encouraged to participate to see that we enjoy having fun as well as working together. 

Is there parking at CHB?

Parking for students is available in one of three lots on the Park Avenue Campus and in close proximity of CHB. All parking is general parking and your UofM hang tag will be required. The small parking lot to the west of CHB is reserved for clients only.

How do I get a student ID?

During orientation you will be taken to the main campus of the university where you will be issued a (free) student ID. This ID will be used to gain access to CHB after hours, enter the clinic, and the student work rooms and mail room.