FAQs - Financial and Registration Questions

When do I register?

Students need to be in contact with their advisors in the summer and register by August 1. If you do not know who your advisor is, contact Dr. Lynda Feenaughty.

Registration for subsequent semesters will be determined during meetings with your advisor in the middle of each term.

How do I register?

Once your schedule has been decided, your advisor completes the necessary paperwork and the permits for your classes are loaded into the system. Your advisor will give you a Course Registration Number (CRN) for each class. This is not the same as the course ID number. To register:

1. Go to https://my.memphis.edu and sign in with the same username/password used for your UofM email account.

2. Click on the "Student" tab at the top of the page.

3. Scroll down and, in the middle of the page, you will see a box labeled "Registration Tools."

4. Click on "Add or drop Classes"

5. Select the appropriate semester, and enter the CRNs provided by your advisor.

If you see an error message saying that permits are required, don't panic. Simply contact your advisor and let him/her know that your permits need to be submitted so that you can finish the process.

Why does my myMemphis account indicate that I have been awarded an assistantship and I have not received a contract?

We understand that financial assistance is a major concern to many students. However, due to limited funding, not every person entering the School of Communication Sciences and Disorders will be able to receive a graduate assistantship during their first year of study. If you have a graduate assistantship offer from Dr. Feenaughty. (Director of Graduate Studies) she will contact you regarding the process for accepting the offer and what paperwork is entailed. If you have not received a graduate assistantship offer from Dr. Feenaughty.l, you are not eligible for graduate assistantship fee waivers and you should notify the Student Financial Aid office that you do not have a graduate assistantship from our school. The Student Financial Aid Office may be reached at 901.678.4825. Please contact Dr. Lynda Feenaughty with your questions regarding financial aid. Questions about work study can also be directed to Dr. Feenaughty.

The traditional fee schedule for tuition does not include a full summer session. Fees for summer courses are figured by credit hour. You can find a calculator that can estimate the tuition at https://www.memphis.edu/usbs/fees/. Additional information regarding financial assistance can be found at https://www.memphis.edu/financialaid/.

I have been awarded a graduate assistantship, what can I expect to do for the assistantship?

GA's in their first semester typically do tasks that support the operations of the Memphis Speech and Hearing Center and assist faculty. After the first semester, additional clinic may be assigned as part of your assistantship.

Are there additional expenses I need to be aware of beyond tuition?

Yes, these are some of the expenses to expect:

  • General Permit Parking is paid for through the Maintenance Fee portion of semester tuition.
  • TB Test $15 (if you haven't taken care of this prior to coming)
  • Criminal Background Check approximately $50
  • CPR $45-$60 (please complete this prior to coming)
  • Drug Testing, if applicable to placement. Cost varies.
  • Allied Health Student Tracking (AHST) $75, paid directly to Typhon Group. You will learn more about this upon arrival.
  • Copies ($0.10)- Money can be loaded onto your student ID to operate the copier in the library
  • Nametag $5-$12-This will be discussed at orientation
  • Books-price varies, but can be up to $400/semester